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Current Week Agenda


Mrs. Anyan

Here you will find assignments and the things you can help your student with! Your child was given two READY math workbooks. One is instructional; the other is practice and problem solving. They will also be sent home with worksheets that help practice the skills they are working on for homework some days. You can follow along with the lessons we are covering and I will list the skill each week they should be focusing on.Khan Academy is a great thing to google when you need help with certain skills. There are tutorial videos and resources for parents to help in math.


THIS WEEK: January 20th

We will work on lesson 16 “Algebraic Expressions” Tuesday-Friday, with a quiz on Friday.


Monday – MLK Holiday

Tuesday – Worksheet/Study Journal Notes

Wednesday –Worksheet/Study Journal Notes

Thursday –Finish ClassWork/Study Journal Notes & Textbooks Lesson 16

Friday – No Homework