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6th Grade Science Weekly Agenda

(*All notes will be copied in class and any handouts will be given in class as well; Notes will be posted on google classroom for absent students. Notes will be updated daily and will include all handouts, videos, and information from class)


Science Week of March 1-5: (All pages are located in your binder)

Monday – Discuss answers from Building electromagnet pages #9-11; Discuss energy transfer videos and observations; Begin the Space in Between investigation pg. 13-14

Tuesday –  Electric Hockey Fields activity

Wednesday – Read and Discuss articles on workbook pg. 23-28 and answers question on page 29

Thursday – complete progress trackers and vocab for the unit

Friday –Test on Forces at a Distance


Science Week of February 22-26: (All pages are located in your binder)
Monday – Complete work from last week; complete slides 1-2 on Forces at a Distance Unit by watching the videos and filling out notes on each page; Explore Mars Mission if time permits

Tuesday –  Begin Forces at a Distance Unit; rewatch sound video and discuss speaker; watch phenomenon video and complete notice/wonder charts

Wednesday –  Begin model of speaker making noises; complete chart of information to include; draw model of speaker and what is happening when sound is played

Thursday – Magnet investigation and complete chart as we go through the magnets with each item listed

Friday – Building an electromagnet; pg. 9-11