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8th Grade Algebra I Weekly Agenda

October 21-24

Day of Week




  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard.
  2. Review Activity 9: Slope and Rate of Change
  3. Unpack Unit 2 Embedded Assessment #2.
  4. Work on Slope Name Drawing project. Due tomorrow.


 Study for slope test; finish name project if not finished in class.


Spiral Review #2 due Friday


  1. Activity 9 Quiz – Slope and Rate of Change
  2. Complete Lesson 10-1: Direct Variation

*Turn in Slope Name Project for quiz grade.

Textbook pg 143 #14-19


Spiral Review #2 due Friday


  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard.
  2. Complete Lesson 10-2: Indirect Variation
  3. Complete Lesson 10-3: Another Linear Model

Textbook pg 147 #15-16 AND pg 151 #15-16


Spiral Review #2 due Friday


  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard.
  2. Review Activity 10.



Activity 10 Lesson Practice – pg 157-158 #1-14


Spiral Review #2 due Friday


  1. Activity 10 Quiz: Direct and Indirect Variations
  2. Complete Lesson 11-1: Identifying Arithmetic Sequences


Turn in Sprial Review #2 (submit answers online, turn in work in class)


Have a great weekend J

Activity 9 and 10 Khan Academy Videos

*Use these videos to review for the test, to practice a concept you are usure about or to catch up if you’ve been absent!

(A master list of videos for the entire year is posted on my main page. These videos are for the currect Activity.


Activity 9

Rates of Change

9-1 Learning  Targets:

  • Determine the slope of a line from a graph.
  • Develop and use the formula for slope.

9-2 Learning  Targets:

  • Calculate and interpret the rate of change for a function.
  • Understand the connection between rate of change and slope.

9-3 Learning  Targets:

  • Show that a linear function has a constant rate of change.
  • Understand when the slope of a line is positive, negative, zero, or undefined.
  • Identify functions that do not have a constant rate of change and understand that these functions are not linear.


Slope of a line

Slope of a line 2

Slope of a line 3

Graphical slope of a line

Slope example

Slope and Rate of Change

Slope and rate of change



Activity 10

Linear Models

10-1 Learning Targets:

  • Write and graph direct variation.
  • Identify the constant of variation.

10-2 Learning Targets:

  • Write and graph indirect variations.
  • Distinguish between direct and indirect variation.

10-3 Learning Targets:

  • Write, graph, and analyze a linear model for a real-world situation.
  • Interpret aspects of a model in terms of the real-world situation.



Direct and inverse variation

Recognizing direct and inverse variation

Proportionality constant for direct variation

Direct variation 1

Direct variation application