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8th Grade Algebra I Weekly Agenda

Agenda: Mar 1 – 5

Class materials will be posted on Google Classroom daily. Click on the “classwork” tab then navigate to the topic for the current textbook Activity (topics are listed on the left side of the screen). At the end of each day I will post class notes, pdf versions of handouts given in class, and any other supplimental materials neede


**Please note, chrome books must be brought to school each day, fully charged. Failure to do so will result in a 5- point deduction from your homework grade (for each offense)***

Day of Week




1. Complete Lesson 21-1 (pg 313-315).

2. Complete Lesson 22-2 (explicit formula only) (pg 316-320).

3. Complete Geometric Sequences worksheet (quiz grade); finish for hw.

Finish geometric sequences worksheet.


1. Complete Lesson 22-1 (pg 325-328).

2. Complete Lesson 22-2 (pg 329-332).

Exponential Functions: Viral Tweets worksheet


1. Complete Lesson 22-3 (pg 333-338).

2. Complete Writing Exponential Functions from Tables worksheet.

None 😊


1. Review Activities 21 and 22.

study for test (act. 21 and 22).


1. Test- Geometric Sequences and Exponential Functions

None 😊


Khan Academy Videos

Activity 21

Geometric Sequences

21-1 Learning Targets:

  • Identify geometric sequences and the common ratio in a geometric sequence.
  • Distinguish between arithmetic and geometric sequences.

21-2 Learning Targets:

  • Write a recursive formula for a geometric sequence.
  • Write an explicit formula for a geometric sequence.
  • Use a formula to find a given term of a geometric sequence.

Geometric Sequences

Geometric sequences introduction



Activity 22

Exponential Functions

22-1 Learning Targets:

  • Understand the definition of an exponential function.
  • Graph and analyze exponential growth functions.

22-2 Learning Targets:

  • Describe characteristics of exponential decay functions.
  • Graph and analyze exponential decay functions.

22-3 Learning Targets:

  • Describe key features of graphs of exponential functions.
  • Compare graphs of exponential and linear functions.

Exponential Functions

Graphing exponential functions

Exponential growth functions

Understanding linear and exponential models

Constructing linear and exponential functions from data