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8th Grade Algebra I Weekly Agenda

January 13 – 17

Day of Week




  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard.
  2. Complete Lesson 19-1: Basic Exponent Properties and Lesson 19-2: Negative and Zero Powers. Add properties to graphic organizer.
  3. Begin practice worksheet if time allows.

Complete practice worksheet; memorize properties of exponents


  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard.
  2. Complete Lesson 19-3: Additional Properties of Exponents. Add properties to graphic organizers.
  3. Use Quizlet to review properties of exponents rules.
  4. Complete Activity 19 Practice on pg 297-298; finish for hw if not finished in class.

Finish Activity 19 Practice (pt 297-298); memorize properties of exponents



  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard
  2. Quiz: Properties of Exponents Rules
  3. Check and discuss answers to Activity 19 Practice.
  4. Use Quizlet to review for Properties of Exponents Test.

Study for Test



  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard
  2. Activity 19 Test: Properties of Exponents
  3. Complete arithmetic sequence review on khan academy. Finish from home if not finished in class.

Finish Khan Academy review on arithmetic sequences


  1. Complete bell-ringer on Smartboard
  2. Complete Lesson 21-1: Identifying Geometric Sequences and Lesson 21-2: Formula for Geometric Sequences.
  3. Begin E.A. Unit 4-1. Turn in online no later than Friday, Jan 24

*No School Monday, January 20 – MLK, Jr Holiday*




Have a great weekend J


Activity 19 Khan Academy Videos

*Use these videos to review for the test, to practice a concept you are usure about or to catch up if you’ve been absent!

(A master list of videos for the entire year is posted on my main page. These videos are for the currect Activity.

Basic Exponent Properties

Exponent properties 1

Exponent properties 2

Negative and Zero Powers

Introduction to negative exponents                                      

Thinking more about negative exponents

More negative exponent intuition

Additional Properties of Exponents

Products and exponents raised to an exponent properties

Negative and positive exponents

Exponent properties 3

Exponent properties 4

Exponent properties 5

Exponent properties 6

Exponent properties 7