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8th Grade Algebra I Weekly Agenda

School Closure Agenda

Please log in to IXL daily and complete 20-30 minutes of review. I will continue to post new recommended topics each week.  In addition, you may complete the Diagnostic Assessment and work on the skills recommended from that.  If you need more practice/support, refer to the Khan Academy video links that are posted on my main page. I will be checking e-mail and Google Classroom several times a day...if you need me, e-mail me ( or post a comment on Google Classroom.  Stay safe!

In addition, the district has posted review materials for your use.  Go to and click on "home learning." Resources for Algebra I are found under the 9-12 section.

April 14-17

This week’s ILX topics review systems of equations word problems.  Use the following Khan Academy videos if you need extra review.


Remember: When solving systems of equations word probems you should start by defining two variabes (you can usually figure out the variables by finding the question in the problem). Then, write two equations and solve using the method you prefer. Don’t forget that you can use if you need a graphing calculator!