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6th grade Math Weekly Agenda/Assignments



Welcome to 6th grade math!!! I am excited to be teaching your child this year. Here are a few supplies you will need:

Basic calculator

Ear buds (very important)

Speckle book

Plastic Folder (for take home papers/homework) 

Looseleaf paper

Pencils (Maybe fill a pencil bag with pencils, colored pens for notes and anything else they will need)

SUGGESTED but not required:

**student planner to write assignments every day

**laptop sleeve with a handle or some sort of case for chromebook

Assignments for the Week of April 19th

Monday : Easter holiday/no school

Tuesday: Go over Lesson 24: Surface Area and Nets/IReady lesson

Wednesday: ILEAP review

Thursday:  ILEAP review

Friday:  ILEAP review

*possible in class grades taken on any of our ILeap practice tests/work