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6th Grade English Weekly Agenda


No school April 19th or April 22nd for Easter Holidays.

April 17-30th (scheduled dates are subject to change)

Monsters Are Due On Maple Street play in class activities for grades. 

(plot diagrams, graphic organizers, etc.)

DOL will be due Thursday April 18th, but will be done in small groups in class for a test grade and HW grade. 

Next week’s DOL handed on April 23rd will be due Friday April 26th for test and HW grades. 

After Monsters Are Due on Maple Street is completed we will begin Charlie and Chocolate Factory with in class play performed and other activities such as a graphic organizers and plot diagrams. 

A possible Chocolate Day is tentative scheduled for April 30th.  We will send a note home regarding this.  



Parents: Friday 2/22/19 was my last day with your child this year. I am being sent home on medical leave until the baby comes. I want to thank you for such a great year with your student! They will be in great hands. Mrs. April Smith will take over until Spring Break, and Mrs. Renee Fleming will finish out the year after testing.  


Mrs. Richardson


DOL Bellringer/Homework:

DOL will begin to be given weekly to help supplement student writing ability.  Students must make corrections to each sentence (Capitalization, Punctuation, usage, spelling, etc.) as well as lable the type of sentence and type of clauses used in each sentence.  Students are responsible for finishing the assigned sentences at home if they did not finish at class. There will be a weekly grade on this. 


Common Lit assignments will be done weekly.  This is a valuable tool to help us better prepare for the LEAP test. 

This can be found at  You may review previous assignments and view scores after it is graded each Friday.  

Students will be given in class time each week as specified on the agenda, but they may begin working on it at home earlier in the week.  This will be for a 50 point grade each week based upon the following scale:

76-100%- 50 Points

51-75%- 45 Points

26-50%- 40 Points

0-25%- 35 Points

Please make note of the actual grade your student made by viewing their score on  This could be reflective of their effort and give an idea of how they may preform on LEAP test. 

If it is determined that a student is not trying on the assignment, I reserve the right to give them whatever percentage they make of the 50 point grade.

Ex. if they make a 10% they will recieve a 5/50 for their grade.