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7th Grade ELA (2nd Hour)

Agenda ELA (2nd Period)

Mrs. Lowe – 7th grade 

March 1-5



Monday: Homework: Study Literary Terms

1. DOL (print off handed out in class)

3. Vocablary Workshop (Google classroom)

4. Literary Terms: Review for test on Wednesday 

5. Writing/ Peer Editing: In class activity




Tuesday: Homework: Study Literary Terms/ Test tomorrow

  1. DOL
  2. Vocabulary Workshop 
  3. Writing Lesson
  4. Peer Editing



Wednesday: Homework:  


  1. DOL
  2. Literary Terms TEST!
  3. LEAP Review/ Cold Read


Thursday: Homework: 

  1. DOL
  2. Review Figurative Language 
  3. LEAP Review: Common Literature Cold Read



  1. DOL
  2. Figurative Language Test
  3. LEAP Review


Agenda ELA (2nd Period)

Mrs. Lowe – 7th grade 


Monday: HW: 

  1. Snow Day: Check on googleclassroom


Tuesday: HW: 


  1. Read article on pg. 145 in the reading packet. 
  2. Annotate the article using the annotation guide
  3. Answer questions on pg. 149 and 150 based on that article
  4. Whole class discussion on the article





  1. Read and annotate article on pg. 147 of reading packet
  2. Answer questions on pg. 151 and 152 of reading packet
  3. Classroom discussion based on the comparisoon of the two articles



  1. Write an argumentative essay based on the question “Do experiences or material goods make us happier?”
  2. Share the essay witht the class




  1. Continue essay
  2. Continue sharing essays in class
  3. Discuss the Culminating Writing Task- pg. 157
  4. Complete reading Stave 5