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7th Grade ELA Weekly Agenda

Dec 2-6

Reading:  We will finish Stave 2 of A Christmas Carol 

                 Quiz on Stave 2 is Thurs. Dec. 4

                 Test on Stave 2 Vocabulary will be Friday, Dec. 5 (they got these the week before Thanksgiving)

English:  We will be doing writing activities in class

               DOL week 15- 50 pt grade

                Journals: 200 pts in May!! We have written 11 entries!! Keep it updated! (There is a list on the board. You may check it anytime!!)

Dec. 9-13

Reading:  Stave 3 of “A Christmas Carol” / Begin Stave 4

                 Vocab and Comprehension test on Stave 3 Thursday, Dec 12

English:  DOL Week 16- 50 pts

               Journals:  200 pts in May!! We have written 12 entries. Keep it updated. The better your journal looks, the better your garde! Neatness, decorated, entires at least a half a page….

                “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”- In class writting activities/Essay at the end of next week