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7th Grade ELA Weekly Agenda



Agenda for 2/11-2/14


Lesson plans

for S. Blackwell 7th grade


Language Arts 7 (adv. ) periods 1,2,3,5

Every day we are writing introductory paragraphs for a constructed response. This is our bellringer activity. Students are doing this in order to be prepared for the LEAP test in April

Date: Monday 2/11


  1. Voc. for the week: adequate, havoc, implore, infamous, lax, mill, narrative, stalemate, vindictive, wilt

     2. Continue to read and annotate Lance Armstrong and the scandal he was involved in. This is on Google Classroom.

HW: Voc. and test on Lance Armstrong. All the information pertaining to the test is on Google Classroom.


Date: Tuesday 2/12


  1. Story test on Lance Armstrong (Articles are on Google Classroom)

  2. Discuss voc. For the week.

HW: Voc. test


Date: Wed. 2/13


1 .Voc. test

2. Extended response for Lance Armstrong

HW: none


Date: Thursday 2/14


  1. Continue unit on non- fiction

  2. Review text structure and author’s purpose

  3. Read 896-900 on disease (story will be attached to Google Classroom. )

HW: none