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7th Grade ELA Weekly Agenda


7th Agenda for 2/25-3/1


Date: Monday 2/25


1. Discuss voc. for the week. Write definition, part of speech, 2 syn. And 2 ant. –ajar, dialogue, emblem, gigantic, hearth, innumerable, mar, misdemeanor, overture, pact

2. Finish reading Dirk the Protector (Story will be attached to Google Classroom)

3. Discuss Dirk the Protector- do worksheets for review

HW: 1.Finish vocab.  2. Story test Tuesday on “Dirk the Protector” and Memoirs


Date: Tuesday 2/26


1. Ck Voc. and discuss

2. Story test on “Dirk the Protector”

3. Do a six word memoir for an extended response.

HW: Voc. test on Wed.


Date: Wed. 2/27


  1. Voc. test

  2. Begin discussing Greek mythology and read Greek myths –with periodic comprehension checks

HW:  Possible Test Friday on beginning Greek myths we have covered for far. These will be posted on Google Classroom


Date: Thursday 2/28


1 . Continue discussing Greek mythology

2. Read the beginning Greek myths

3. Assign Greek myth projects. These will be due on

HW: None


Date: Friday 3/1-.


  1. Possible story test on the beginning myths.

  2. Do a Greek myth play, The Odyssey from Scope Magazine

  3. Webquest on Greek Mythology

HW: none