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6th Grade English Weekly Agenda

December 9th – 13th 

*Indefinite tree map and notes are in Google Classroom. You are responsible for filling out the INDEFINITE TREE MAP for the quiz on Thursday! – links are included on Google Classroom for practice of Indefinite and Interrogative pronouns. 

*Test of Interrogative pronouns will be next week! Indefinite pronoun review will be included on that test as well. 

Monday, December 9th : 


Bell ringer #71 

Introduce Indefinite Pronouns – Notes handout (also on Google Classroom) Practice writing sentences using Indefinites. 


Tuesday, December 10th: 

Bell ringer # 72 

Continue Indefinite pronoun – Practice – Quizizz and/or Kahoot 


Wednesday, December 11th: 

Bell ringer #73 

Continue to review Indefinite pronouns – Skill sheet  –  Also practice filling in the tree map


Thursday, December 12th: 

Bell ringer #74 

TEST- Indefinite pronouns – Tree map 


Friday, December 13th:   NO SCHOOL for students!!  Teacher ½ day inservice 



December 16th – 20th 


Monday –    Bell ringer #76  / Interrogative Pronouns 

All students were given a study guide this past Monday. It’s also posted on Google Classroom. (Indefinite/Interrogative Pronouns) The test this week will ALSO include indefinite pronouns as well. 


Tuesday –  Bell ringer #77 / Interrogative Pronouns 

Continue to practice interrogative pronouns


Wednesday – TEST/ Interrogative Pronouns 


Thursday –  Christmas grammar activity / Makeup test session 


Fri-YAY!!  –  Have a fun and safe MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!