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6th Grade English Weekly Agenda







April 5th – 

Hello Everyone!
It's hard to believe it's April! If we were at school this upcoming week, we would be reviewing skills for the LEAP!
Since we are not able to be there, please see all of the posts here from the month of March. You will find two different novels you may read and a document for reading response which you can submit when you're finished with each book.
You may contact your friends and and set up a schedule to read specific chapters together and have a book discussion. I've also posted several graphic organizers that you may choose from and print and use as your reading the book.
To keep up with your grammar skills, parts of speech, etc... please continue to practice on either Kahoot or Quizizz as these are fun ways to practice. If you have specific friends/classmates that you'd like to see and interact with as you complete activities, ask your parents to set you up on ZOOM if possible!

I am attaching links for GRAMMAR practice from Quizizz today. Please practice with these links throughout the upcoming week, and I'll update it again next Sunday. Feel free to send me a message and let me know how you are doing and what book or activities you are working on this week.
I'll be reading the following book this week: Where the Crawdad's Sing.
Mrs. Perkins highly recommended it, so I'm really excited to get started!
I miss seeing you all very much!
Take care...
Mrs. Barfield


Wishing everyone a HAPPY EASTER! 

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March 16th – April ? 

Hello Parents and Students!

I have posted the message below in Google Classroom! Please check here on Teacher Pages for updates, but most important will be GOOGLE CLASSROOM!

I hope you all are doing well! I miss all of my students, and I know this is a unique situation, but we will use this time to continue learning! 

**Remember, you can order books from SCHOLASTIC online, but you will need to be sure to change the delivery to your home address so they do not ship to WEST RIDGE!! 


**Google Classroom –

Please use the following links to continue learning while we all must remain at home for a while! You'll see a variety of links ranging from the LPB learning at home, virtual museum tours, book sites, educational games for ELA, math, science, etc...
I'm going to miss seeing each and every one of you in the classroom, but let's all use this time at home to enjoy learning about a variety of interesting things we otherwise may not have time for in the class! I am in search of a great novel that we can all read and form our own "Book Club Discussion" site.

I’ve also added links for several printable graphic organizers and other reading comprehension sheets for skills and for use while reading novels or informational texts. 

Now is the time for seeking out and learning about people, places, events, history, and new technology and ideas that interest and inspire you!
Keep checking back into Google Classroom for updates about the NOVEL and BOOK CLUB!
Stay safe and healthy, get outside and enjoy nature and a lot of exercise!!


Mrs. Barfield