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6th Grade English Weekly Agenda

January 20th – 24th 

Monday – MLK Day No School

Tuesday – Bell ringer #101/Homework DOL Booklet Week 21/Due Friday

Cold Read Task (Hatchet supplemental)

Wednesday - Bell ringer #102

Cold Read Task continued...

Thursday – Bell ringer #103

Small groups – Share their Hatchet “Survival” project

Comprehension Paragraph Activities/Questioning/Writing                 (LEAP preparation) 

Friday – Bell ringer #104 / Check Homework DOL Week 21 

Comprehsion Paragraph Activities/Questioning/ Writing

Assessment this week from the Cold read task and comprehension tasks. 








January 13th – 17th 


1. Bellringer: Monday( Labeling Parts of Speech on sentences all week every day for bellringers.)

2. Assign DOL 20 and check/test Thursday

3. Introduce Prepositions/Phrases/Objects with quick notes and study guide list

4. Using Preposition songs/videos to further understanding. 5.

Youtube videos links


1. Bellringer: Tuesday

2. Review Prepositions –

3. Creating sentences with preposition in small groups


1. Bellringer: Wednesday

2. Review Prepositions

3. Practice with sentences and activities


1. Bellringer: Thursday

2. Review prepositions

3. Check DOL 20 and test


1. Weekly Assessment Prepositions and labeling parts of speech in sentences.