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6th Grade English Weekly Agenda




Mrs. Barfield - ELA Room 112


August 2020

ELA Class expectations:

  1. Listen and follow directions.
  2. Enter the classroom quietly and prepared.
  3. Always do your best.
  4. Respect all teachers and peers.
  5. No excuses!



1 ½ inch binder                 Red Pens                 Highlighters

Mechanical Pencils             Loose leaf Paper



   *Required reading:

 1st 9 weeks:  Out of the Dust  by Karen Hesse

2nd 9 weeks:  Hatchet   by Gary Paulsen

3rd 9 weeks:  If Stones Could Speak  by Marc Aronson and Mike Parker Pearson


*Students may listen to the audio book of each novel on for auditory reinforcement.        Ex…Search Out of the Dust Winter 1934.

*A PDF of the COMPLETE NOVEL will also be uploaded in GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Students may order books ONLINE from Scholastic for enjoyable reading throughout the year. Orders may be placed ANY TIME.

Books will be shipped free to my classroom for the student.


**The following blog/website has a fantastic list of books by age range, genre, and interest!! I will give the information to all of my students, but please visit the site for yourself. It’s such a great resource!


*Reading grades will be earned from the following:

Novel tests, vocabulary, and other reading response activities.

Literary elements/skills: Ex… Plot, Main Idea, Theme, Figurative Language, etc…  

*English grades will be earned from the following:

Weekly DOL test which includes a grammar skill

Any Writing Tasks from the required novel. Please be aware that extended time is needed when grading novel ESSAYS (A.K.A. – Culminating Writing Task)


*Additional important classroom information:

*NO CHEWING GUM in class. That is a SCHOOL RULE!

*Cell phones MUST be on silent or OFF at all times. If a phone rings during class, the phone will be sent to an administrator. *See OPSB policies/rules

*PLEASE bring a clear water bottle daily. Due to Covid, water fountains will NOT be available and you NEED to drink water throughout the day!

*Updated BATHROOM procedure:  Students will NOT be allowed to go to the bathroom BETWEEN class periods (unless an emergency or a special note from a physician) – Special bathroom passes will be given to one student at a time, and they will be allowed to go quickly during class time to reduce the number of students in the hallway and bathrooms.

*Remind your child of proper hygiene. It's a good idea for students to keep an extra deodorant spray or stick in their P.E. locker or book bag in case they need to reapply after exercise.


*Always go to “Teacher Pages” to see your agenda for the week.

*Login to Google Classroom for assignments, resources, activities, videos, tutorial, websites, etc…  



Q: Where do I find my child’s agenda for the week?

A: Go to the West Ridge Website. Above the large image in the center, you’ll see tabs. Search for TEACHER PAGES. Once you click here, you’ll see ALL teachers at West Ridge. Click on any teacher's name to see their weekly assignments.





Q: How do I see my child’s grades?

A: If your child is coming from an elementary school in Ouachita Parish, login to Student Grades should be the same as last year. Scroll down on the West Ridge website until you see QUICK LINKS to the right of the screen. Click on Student Grades. If your child is new to the parish, please contact Mrs. Burgess, our school librarian for assistance.

The best way to reach me is through email if you have any questions. (

My planning period is 1st hour, so if you email me after 8:30, I will most likely not be able to respond until after 3:00.  


Thanks in advance for your support at home. This school year will definitely a challenge for all of us as parents, teachers, and students, but I assure you that all WEST RIDGE Middle School teachers and staff will do our utmost to provide the safest and most rigorous learning environment possible for each and every PATRIOT! 

I'm definitely looking forward to meeting all of our unique and wonderful 6th grade students!


                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Barfield























Your student was given a paper today which contains ALL of their GOOGLE CLASSROOM login CODES!!