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7th Grade ADV ELA

Agenda – March 1 – 5 

Mrs. Lowe – 7th grade Advanced ELA

Grammar Skill: Writing Lessons

Writing Task and Writing Lessons can be picked up at school if your child is absent.


Monday: Homework: Study Literary Terms

1. DOL (print off handed out in class)

2. Grammar Skill: Writing. In class lessons and materials 

3. Vocablary Workshop (Google classroom)

4. Literary Terms: Review for test on Wednesday 

5. Writing/ Peer Editing: In class activity




Tuesday: Homework: Study Literary Terms/ Test tomorrow

  1. DOL
  2. Grammar: Writing
  3. Vocabulary Workshop 
  4. Writing Lesson
  5. Peer Editing



Wednesday: Homework:  


  1. DOL
  2. Grammar: Writing Lesson
  3. Literary Terms TEST!
  4. LEAP Review/ Cold Read


Thursday: Homework: 

  1. DOL
  2. Grammar: Writing Lesson
  3. Review Figurative Language 
  4. LEAP Review: Common Literature Cold Read



  1. DOL
  2. Grammar: Writing Lesson
  3. Figurative Language Test
  4. LEAP Review



Agenda – Febrauary 22 – 26

Mrs. Lowe – 7th grade Advacned ELA


Grammar Skill: Writing



Monday: HW: 

  1. DOL (Can be picked up at the school)
  2. Snow Day Journal- google classroom
  3. Grammar: Subject/ Verb Agreement
  4. Vocabulary Workshop- google classroom
  5. Literary Elements Review (Study guide passed out in class)
  6. Internal vs. External Conflict 


Tuesday: HW: 

  1. DOL
  2. Grammar: Subject/ Verb Agreement
  3. Vocabulary Workshop
  4. Literary Elements Review
  5. Drawing Inferences using a short film: Backbone (found on youtube)




  1. DOL
  2. Review Stave 1 -5 
  3. Compile your introductory paragraphs and conclusioning paragraph with body paragraphs (rough draft of paper)


  1. DOL
  2. Review Stave 1 -5 
  3. Peer Editing for essay



1. DOL

  1. Stave 1 – 5 Unit test
  2. Common Literature Story- Log into common lit and check your assignment.