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Mrs. Perkins 6th Grade English Weekly Agendas

February 19-22, 2019

Each night: Homework

Weekly DOL (Due Thursday Feb. 22nd  for a 50 point grade)

Monday – No School! Presidents’ Day Holiday

Tuesday– Bellringer DOL

Breakdown Hatchet Task using graphic organizer – T chart/Do What Chart

Begin writing the Hatchet Task (essay) in class on Google Classroom.

This essay is for a 100 point grade.  Due Friday. 

HW:  Weekly DOL sheet (due Friday)

Wednesday – Bellringer  DOL

Continue writing the Hatchet Task  in class.

HW: Weekly DOL sheet

Thursday  – Bellringer DOL 

Continue writing the esssay/Editing/Rough Draft


Friday – Bellringer DOL

Finishing Essay/Final Drafts due today for 100 point grade. 

Weekly DOL due today! 

HOMEWORK:  DOL- Due Friday 22nd for 50 point grade!

Bonus:  5 points Large Bag of Wrapped Candy – Please NO nuts or chocolate, please.  This is also available to my Reading Students. (Now through the end of the 6 weeks. Assignments


Passages will be assigned weekly for your child to read and complete a series of comprehension questions, along with an extended response.  Students will be given a percentage grade on the website. 

Those students scoring 76%-100% will receive 50/50 A

                                          51%-75%    =                   45/50 B

                                          26%-50%    =                    40/50 C

                                          0%-25%       =     35F or possibly below (depending on the effort or lack thereof given on the extended response)


These assignments will be assigned on Mondays and will be due the following Friday.  This is subject to change at any time.   Your child is also able to work on these assignments at home if they are unable to finish during class time. You may check their progress online and see their assignments at any time.

Thank you,

Mrs. Perkins



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