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8th Grade ELA Weekly Agenda

Date: Monday 2/25


  1. Voc. for the week (define, 2 syn., 2 ant): caustic, deface, embargo, fallacy, levity, nauseate, negate, pivotal, recipient, teem


  1. Work  on a movie trailer—using Movie Maker software and one of the books they have read for LYRC. The book trailer will be presented to 7th graders so that they will be introduced to the LYRC books

HW:.Voc.for homework. 


Date: Tuesday 2/26


  1. Present movie trailers
  2. Begin pre-reading activities for The Outsiders
  3. Begin reading chapters 1-3 in the Outsiders

HW: none


Date : Wednesday 2/27


  1. Continue working on The Outsider.


 HW: None


Date : Thursday 2/28


  1. Finish reading chapters 1-3 for Outsiders
  2. Continue working on work for chapters 1-3 This must be completed and turned in Friday

HW: Quiz on chapters-1-3 for Outsiders


Date : Friday 3/1


  1. Quiz on chapters 1-3 of Outsiders

2. Extended response for chapters 1-3