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8th Grade ELA Weekly Agenda

8th grade

Agenda for 2/11-2/14

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Date: Monday 2/11


1.        Vocabulary for the week. Write a compound sentence for each word.  The words for the week are:abdicate, bestow, capaciou, crusade, mendicant, ruse, tenet, tractable, ungainly, voracius

2.        Finish answering text dependent questions pertaining to H. Tubman

HW: finish vocabulary. Test Tuesday on H. Tubman


Date: Tuesday, 2/12


1.        Ck Voc.

2.       Test on H. Tubman

3.       Extended response for H. Tubman

3.        Begin reading “Up Through Slavery” and annotate the article

4.        HW: none


Date: Wednesday 2/13


1.        Voc. test

2.        Finish reading “Up Through Slavery” (and annotation)

3.        Do a Rhetorical Precis for a grade

4.        HW: none


Date:Thursday, 2/14


1.        Begin making a book trailer using one of the books from Louisiana Young Reader’s choice.

We will be using movie maker to make the trailer. . 50 point grade due next week

HW: none