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8th Grade Math Weekly Agenda


8th Grade Math Agenda:   Week 15 ( 12/06/21 – 12/10/21 )  

Ready Math Lesson 11~ Represent Proportional Relationships


  • Day 1:  Represent Proportional Relationships
    • IB pgs. 100-101
    • PPS pgs. 123-124
  • Day 2:  Using Tables, Graphs and Equations/Comparing Proportional Relationships
    • IB pgs. 102-105
    • PPS pgs. 125-127
  • Day 3:  Guided and Independent Practice
    • IB pgs. 106-109
    • PPS pgs. 128-130
  • Day 4:  Lesson 11 Test~ Represent Proportional Relationships
    • Online Edulastic and/or Paper-based Testing Format


  • Day 5:  School Inservice ½ Day
    • No Students



*KEY:  IB~ Instructional Book Pages   PPS~ Practice and Problem Solving Pages*



Please note that all information is subject to change as needed.  We will try our best to update as we see fit.  Your homework is to complete any workbook pages not completed in class and study over notes in your composition notebook.  Please remember to NOT work ahead. 


~Mrs. Woodall, Ms. Biggs, and Ms. Koonce