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7th Grade Math Weekly Agendas


Week of Oct 14th through Oct 19th 

 Chelette – 7th Grade Math Advanced

Monday – Fall Break

Homework:  None

Tuesday – Fall Break 

Homework:  None

Wednesday – Review Chapter 5 Vocab; Power up on smartboard; Check HW; Lesson 5-10 “Indirect Measurements” pp 238-239; Work p 239 (1-2)

Homework:  pp 240-241 (3-14) all; Chapter 5 Test Friday / Integer & Vocab test  next Tuesday

Thursday – Review Chapter 5 Vocab; Review Chapter 5 with Edulastic test (Lab Grade); Work on Review Worksheet

Homework:  Complete Worksheet / Chapter 5 Test Tomorrow / Integer & Vocab test next Tuesday

Friday – Check HW; Chapter 5 Test; FAL pre assessment after test

Homework:  None

Parents please remember the homework pages may vary at times. Your child should be writing the homework down each day before leaving class.