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7th Grade Math Weekly Agendas

Distance Learning  ( I will be adding new information each week below previous assignments because some of the assignment are ongoing or have information about logins.)

 Chelette – 7th Grade Math Advanced

Hope everyone is well.  I miss all of you.  I am providing several items that you can work on while we are learning from a distance!!  

  1.  (3-19-20)I posted four benchmark test to google classroom that cover material we have already covered.  (4-1-20)The answers to the benchmark test are also posted on google classroom.  
  2. (4-1-20)I put videos on google classroom that go along with the take home packets that were available at schools in March.
  3. (4-6-20) There is math practice available through iReady. Just google iReady login   (Remember user name is First Initial Last Initial 7digit id# and password is 7digit id#). Once logged in you will see My Path.  Work on the materials provided in My Path.  
  4. (4-6-20) I have loaded 2 edulastic test.  You can access them through your google classroom then edulastic.  Just like we do in the classroom.  The test are not going in the grade book, but will allow you to practice skills already learned.  After you submit it will show you answers.  The test are Chapter 10 Probablity and Chapter 6 Percent (They were put on 4-6-20 and will be open through 4-13-20).  You may use calculators on these tests. 
  5. (4-13-20) I have loaded 2 more edulastic test.  Chapter 5 &9.3, 9.4 Ratios/Proportions and Chapter 9 Linear Functions (They will open 4-13-20 and close 4-20-20). You may use calculators on these tests.  **If you have not worked the test from last week, I will reopen those test.  You may use calculators on these tests.  (Students that have completed and submitted their test.  They are graded and I am very proud of your work.  You should not rework them!!!) You can continue working on the iReady “My Path” program.

‚ÄčTips for Smartphone Success

Ask students to make sure their phone orientation lock is set to off because some questions are best answered with the phone held horizontally.

For Students:

To set those students using smartphones up for success, we have a couple tips. Please ask students to hold the phone in landscape mode and make sure that phone display settings are on standard view, not zoom.

  1.  (4-13-20)Following the Governor’s mandate, all schools will remain closed through April 30. Thanks to our Instructional Team and Graphic Arts department we prepared a second round of printed materials that will be available at West Ridge beginning Tuesday, April 14th through Friday, April 17th from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon each day. Materials for Kindergarten through High School will provide several weeks of practice, review, and enrichment for the students. In addition to the sites listed on our website, all of the printed materials will be available April 14 on our website ( under the tab titled HOME LEARNING.
  2. (4-20-20) Wow guys yall are the best !! 74 out of 90 of yall zoomed in today. (What % is that? LOL) I am one proud teacher. I just want to type up the important things I said today if you did not hear it all.
    1. You can receive up to 100 bonus pts to be added to your 3rd nine weeks grade. All bonus pts will come from the the completion of iReady (My Path) lessons. I am providing the rebric that was established by the school board on how bonus will be computed.

    The headings in all of the bonus rubrics show 50 points. That is because 50 points are awarded for completing the assignment and 50 points are awarded for quality of the assignment, for a total of 100 points. So, in the rubric below, a student who completed 6 iReady lessons with an average of 83% for those lessons would receive 88 bonus points, 38 points for completing 6 lessons and 50 points for quality of the lessons.
    • Categories 12 pts 25pts 38pts 50pts
    • iReady Math(completed) 2 lessons 4 lessons 6 lessons 8 lessons
    • Math (Quality) 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100%

    2. In order to be placed in Algebra l next year, you must have an A/B average with a good teacher recommendation. The teacher recommendation is based on work ethic including homework completion. If you are border line in either area, participation in zoom classes and working available edulastic test will help.

    3. I will have zoom classes each Monday and Wednesday at 10-10:45 am. I will have a new invitation posted each day in google classroom.

    4. I will have Office Hours each Tuesday and Thursday at 2-2:45 pm I will open a zoom time or you can email me and I will answer any questions at this time. If no one uses the zoom time I will close the sessions after 15 min, but I will continue answering any emails during this time.
    Please don't hesitate to ask questions on any math problems or procedures. I'm here to help!! I will have an invitation posted each day in google classroom.

I have also put the connected information on google classroom.  This will remind you how to access the book online along with information to use the personal tutor and self check quizes from every lesson in each chapter. 

Email me if you have issues  I will be adding new things each week.  

Love and Miss all of you!  

Mrs Chelette