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General Information

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P.E. Fees:


Your child will have a $25 P.E. fee.  This fee includes:  uniform, first aid supplies, refurbishing and repair of equipment, lock and locker rental for the year. 


                                                   P.E. Uniform: 


* Uniform Shirt

* Uniform Short

* Socks

* Tennis Shoes

‚Äč* Absolutely no Slides or Crocs will be allowed!           

Weekly Dress Out Grade:

20 points per day = 100 Total 


Weekly Participation Grade:

10 points per day = 50 Total 

**If a student does not dress out with the proper uniform and shoes, they will NOT be allowed to participate in the daily activity.

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P.E. Rules:

  1. All students must dress out in the regulation uniform and wear tennis shoes to participate.
  2. Do not share PE clothes.  Make sure to write your name on your regulation uniform.
  3. If a student loses or misplaces his/her uniform, they must purchase another uniform to wear for class.  
  4. Respect others and their property.
  5. Cell phones should be put away and will not be allowed in any area of the gym or locker room during class time.  ABSOLUTELY no taking pictures, audio or videos ALLOWED.
  6. Students are responsible for any stolen items from your locker, please do not bring valuables to school.
  7. The school is not responsible for missing or stolen items left unsecured.
  8. Students will be required to pay for lost or damaged PE locks.
  9. The student must bring a doctor’s excuse when he/she cannot participate.  Make sure it has the time or dates that participation is not allowed.
  10. It is recommended that uniforms be taken home for cleaning each Friday!