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7th Grade Math Agendas

7th Grade Math Agenda/Assignments:

LAST UPDATED: 9-28-20 


**BEGINNING Monday Sept. 21st A group and B group come together in one class!!!   :)

**ALL Brick & Mortar Students come to school on Monday and ALL Virtual Students will have Virtual Class EVERYDAY.

Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 2

Monday: Intro to Multiplying Integers – Journal Notes/Activities in Class

HW: Copied Problems in Journal/ Pg. 372 #1-12//STUDY Journal Notes

Tuesday: Continue Multiplying Integers, Intro to Dividing Integers – Journal Notes/Practice Activities  and WS in Class

HW: worksheets/STUDY Journal Notes

Wednesday - Continue learning  Multiplying/Dividing Integers/ Journal Notes & in class activities

HW: worksheets/STUDY Journal Notes

Thursday: Review ALL Integers 

HW: Finish stapled Practice Test Integers packet  

Friday: TEST - All Integers

HW: none

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Mrs. Anyansmiley

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