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7th Grade Social Studies Weekly Agenda

7th Grade Social Studies

Week of Jan. 20-24


Monday- No School (MLK day)


Tuesday- Transportation Revolution videos

Read and annotate Transportation Revolution handout

Transportation Revolution graphic organizer


Wednesday- Grand Conversation: Transportation Revolution handout

Writing prompt:  How did the Transportation Revolution help shape our nation’s identity?


Thursday- Immigration

Study the 4 charts on p. 221-222

Answer the following questions:

  • What 3 groups immigrated to the U.S. in the largest numbers?
  • What year showed the largest number of immigrants coming to the U.S.? Why?
  • Which 2 port cities saw the largest number of immigrants enter the U.S.? Why?
  • Why was there such a large number of undocumented or “not specified” immigrants entering the United States from 1841-1860?
  • What might have caused the rapid decline in immigrants entering the U.S. from 1851-1860?


Read Irish and German Immigration p. 223-225

Complete p. 226 US immigration 1840-1860


Friday- Read Leaving Europe p. 227-228

Complete the Split-page notes on p. 229


*All graphic organizers will be taken up for a grade