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8th Grade Social Studies Weekly Agenda

Week of April 20th:

We will begin Zoom Classes on Tuesday at 2:00PM, and will meet at that time on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. I will post the Link to our 1st Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID and Password to Google Classroom by noon on Tuesday.  Please read through the "Zoom for Students" pdf attached to this announcement for details on how to use zoom.  Since social studies is last in the rotation you will probably be familiar with this process by the time our classes meet.  I will be meeting with all 3 of my 8th grade classes at one time, so following the class etiquette rules will be very important.  We will be going over the expectations for the next few weeks, grades, bonus assignments, and introduction to Louisiana Economics (our last topic for Unit 6 and the year, which will take 4 weeks).  Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday.