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Welcome to Mrs. Colvin’s Science Class!


Study Island is an online tool that we are using to help your students master science topics we are working on currently or have previously learned in class.  It provides your students with lessons, flash cards, and practice tests.  This program will even read the lessons and tests to them.  We work on this program once a week and sometimes twice a week if time permits.  Your student must earn 3 blue ribbons per six weeks.  They earn a blue ribbon by completing a practice test and scoring a high enough percentage.  They can take a practice test as many times as needed to master the skill and earn a blue ribbon.  Once the student earns three blue ribbons, they will receive a 100 for the six weeks.  If they earn more than three, they will receive a 105. As they earn more blue ribbons, their grades will increase until it is the end of the six weeks and grades are pulled.  The students are allowed to work on study island at home as well.


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