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6th Grade ELA Weekly Agenda


May 16th – 20th 

**See READING Activities 



May 9th – 13th 

*See Reading Activities 



MAY 2nd – 6th 

Monday May 2nd -– Wednesday, May 4th 

LEAP & Humanities TESTING! 


Thursday, May 5th –                                                                   Teacher’s choice of ELA activities and  READING 


             Friday, May 6th – 


  • 20-Year Celebration/End-of-Year PBIS Event

    • 6th Grade 1st and 2nd periods

    • 7th Grade 3rd and 4th periods

    • 8th Grade 6th and 7th periods







April 25th – 29th 


Monday – Tuesday – Finish “Decades” Google Project (Google Classroom) 

Wednesday – Friday! 



April 18th – 22nd      No School Monday, April 18th (Easter Break)                                                                               

**IMPORTANT NOTE regarding DOL homework and tests: 

This week, WEEK 28 DOL will be available in GOOGLE CLASSROOM   (not a paper copy) 

DOL will only count as a HOMEWORK grade – NO DOL TEST! 

Also, this is the LAST week of DOL in the classroom due to upcoming LEAP testing

 Open the document with Kami, create a text box below each sentence as you go, and TYPE the sentence WITH corrections. When we check the DOL on Wednesday, you will open it with Kami and use your drawing tool (red) to check or mark errors. 





April 11th – 15th 

**IMPORTANT NOTE regarding DOL homework and tests: 

This week, WEEK 27 DOL will be available in GOOGLE CLASSROOM   (not a paper copy) 

 Open the document with Kami, create a text box below each sentence as you go, and TYPE the sentence WITH corrections. When we check the DOL on Wednesday, you will open it with Kami and use your drawing tool (red) to check or mark errors. 


*The majority of activities for the month of APRIL will be LEAP preparation for ELA  – See READING agenda 


April 4th – 8th 

*The majority of activities for the month of APRIL will be LEAP preparation for ELA  – See READING agenda 

Monday, April 4th –   Week 24 DOL – Homework – due Wednesday                                                                                   NO DOL TEST this week – DOL is only for a HOMEWORK grade! 






March 21st – 25th 

**See Reading Agenda 


MARCH 14th – 18th 




MARCH 7th – 11th 

**SEE READING ACTIVITES – English agenda has been combined 

**Reminder – CANDY for BONUS POINTS will be taken all through MARCH 4th (10pts.) 

Also, additional bonus – 1 Box Kleenex – ( 5pts.) 




**SEE READING ACTIVITES – English agenda has been combined 

**Reminder – CANDY for BONUS POINTS will be taken all through MARCH 4th (10pts.) 

Also, additional bonus – 1 Box Kleenex – ( 5pts.) 



February 21st – 25th 

*See Reading Agena for the week

Monday – President’s Day  – No school

NO DOL HOMEWORK this WEEK – Next week, DOL Week 20 

All writing resources are posted in Google Classroom (Writing Task Tab) 

(No additional skill since we’ll be working on the writing task all week) 

Now that we have finished the book, If Stones Could Speak, students will work to complete the Culminating Writing Task and submit on Friday, February 25th 

I will add GREEN text notes each day after school to let those students out sick know exactly what needs to be done for that day! 

  • Tuesday – Lesson 24-25: Planning to Write-Brainstorming

    • SRP p. 36-37 (pages are printed backwards)

  • Wednesday –  Lesson 26: Rough Draft

    • Use SEEMS outline to write essay

  •  Thursday –  Lesson 27-29:Revising

    • Peer editing/Sentence elaboration/transitions

    • Check with LEAP  Rubric

  • Friday  –  Lesson 30: Final Draft – Make any last minute revisions needed and SUBMIT the final draft! 

    • CommonLit Reading Comprehension – LEAP practice assignment



February 14th – 18th 

*No additional skills in English right now until we complete our book, If Stones Could Speak 

DOL Week 19  –  Homework 

Check DOL Wednesday, 16th 

DOL TEST – Thursday, 17th 



February 7th – 11th 


DOL Week 18 – Homework  

DOL Week 18 TEST – Thursday, February 10th 



January 31st – February 4th 

No NEW skill this week, DOL only 

  Monday, January 31st – DOL Week 17 homework

Tuesday, February 1st – DOL Week 17 homework

Wednesday, February 2nd – Check DOL Week 17

Thursday, February 3rd – DOL TEST Week 17 

 Friday, February 4th – Intro. to Week 18 DOL  and complete any reading activities from the week




January 24th – 28th 

**NO DOL or grammar skills this week due to the HUMANITIES TESTING….  

6th grade teachers will be helping administer the tests to 7th grade on Wednesday

**SEE the READING AGENDA for the assignments this week.  



**Please see revisions of the agenda below since it was originally posted!  

**IMPORTANT NOTE:  6th Grade Humanities Test                 

    Next Tuesday, January 25th (Hatchet) 

**Reflexive and Intensive pronouns will be moved to the week of January 31st. We will focus more on reading activities for our book, If Stones Could Speak over the next couple of weeks. 


**10 BONUS POINT OPPORTUNITY  –  ONE BAG 12 oz or greater of individually wrapped candy. The candy is used for tests, Quizizz practice, group work, DOL participation. Thanks in advance...

January 17th – 21st 

Monday, January 17th – MLK Jr. Holiday – No School 

Tuesday, January 18th – DOL Homework – Week 16 (Due Thursday)                               

  Wednesday, January 19th –  DOL Homework Week 16            

Thursday, January 20th – Check DOL Week 16

            Friday, January 21st –  DOL Week 16 Test                                   

 Intro. to DOL week 17 – review of grammar skills and/or continuation and completion of activities for If Stones Could Speak 




January 6th – 14th 

**Third Nine Weeks Grammar Calendar is in Google Classroom


Thursday, January 6th –   DOL Week 15 Homework  

Skill :  Predicate Nouns/Predicate Adjectives   –  Practice page (GC) 

Sentence Expansion/TWR Activities

DOL TEST: NEXT WEEK – January 13th 


Friday, January 7th –  DOL Week 15 Homework 

Skill :  Predicate Nouns/Predicate Adjectives   –  Practice page (GC) 



Monday, January 10th  –   DOL Week 15 Homework  

Skill :  Predicate Nouns/Predicate Adjectives   –  Practice page (GC) 

Sentence Expansion/TWR Activities

Tuesday, January 11th –  DOL Week 15 Homework   

Wednesday, January 12th –  Check DOL Week 15 Homework 

Thursday, January 13th - DOL Week 15 TEST w/ predicate nouns and predicate adjectives 

Friday, January 14th –  Intro. to DOL Week 16  and continue presentation of Hatchet Survival Projects 






December 20th – 22nd 


Monday – HATCHET – THE MOVIE!!! 

Tuesday – Non-graded classwork / Graded Assignments 

Wednesday –  ½ day – Make up work only 




Transparent Christmas Wreath Clipart Picture​ | Gallery Yopriceville -  High-Quality Free Images and Transparent PNG Clipart


December 13th – 17th 

Monday – This week, complete DOL Week 13 & 14. There will NOT be an additional skill. The introduction to Predicate Nomintatives and Predicate Adjectives will begin when we return in January. 

DOL WEEKS 13 & 14  – DUE WEDNESDAY! (100 point grade)

            Tuesday –  DOL Homework – Weeks 13 & 14  –  

                                 – Christmas Reading Activities – Google Classroom 

             Wednesday –  Check DOL Weeks 13 & 14 

             Thursday  DOL Week 13 & 14 TEST 

              Christmas Reading Activities  DUE DATE : Friday, December 17th

         Friday –  Teacher’s Choice – Grammar review of December skills 




December 6th – 10th 


MONDAY – Intro. to DOL Week 12 

Begin Direct and Indirect Objects by introduction of basic diagramming of sentences  – Study Guide is posted in Google Classroom 

Today – Practice page #1 


TUESDAY – Homework – DOL Week 12 

Continue diagramming practice with Direct and Indirect Objects and Practice worksheet (Google Classroom)  

Today – Practice page #2 



Continue Direct and Indirect Objects  – Practice page (Google Classroom) 










*Candy ideas – Individually wrapped, miniatures not snack size, suckers, mini Reeses, Hershey Kisses, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, miniature Tootsie Pops, etc…     THANKS! 

You may bring either ONE BAG of candy for the REWARD BOX or ONE JUMBO Bottle of Clorox Wipes (78-80ct) 


December 6th – 10th 





November 29th – December 3rd 

Monday – DOL Week 11 Homework – Due Wednesday, December 1st 

Continue Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases …. GC worksheet 


Tuesday – DOL Week 11  – Homework due Wednesday 

Continue with Prepositions and COMPLETE the FINAL DRAFT of the CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE for HATCHET 

Wednesday – Check DOL Week 11  and continue to reading activities 

Thursday – DOL WEEK 11 TEST  

Friday – Introduce DOL Week 12 and Demonstrative Pronouns 




November 15th – 19th 


NO DOL HOMEWORK or DOL TEST  this week!  Our focus will be reading HATCHET chapters 5-8, annotating, vocabulary and novel test, and completing the CONSTRUCTED WRITING RESPONSE for HATCHET –  All materials are located under the TOPIC – Hatchet – “What Would Peter Do?” Group Activities 

NOVEMBER 8th – 12th 


  Monday DOL Week 10 Homework – Due Wednesday

Introduction to Prepositions – Practice worksheet                  Tuesday - Dol Week 10 – Homework 

Continue with Prepositions/Prepositional Phrases – Practice worksheet

 Wednesday – Continue Preposition Practice – Day 3  (GC) , Check DOL Week 10  

 Thursday – VETERAN’S DAY – No School 

 Friday – DOL Week 10 TEST w/ Prepositions




November 1st – 5th 

**Homework – DOL WEEK 9 – Due Wednesday (11/3) 

*Study guides and practice pages will be in Google Classroom

Monday – Bellringer (sentence practice), Introduction to PERSONAL PRONOUNS, review the study guide for personal pronouns

Tuesday – Bellringer, Personal Pronoun Practice (Subjective and Objective) 

Wednesday – Check DOL Week 9 Homework  –  Pronoun Practice (Possessive) 

ThursdayReview ALL case pronouns (Subjective, Objective, & Possessive) 

Friday –  DOL WEEK 9 TEST w/ personal pronouns 




6th grade Humanities TEST – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27th!! 

Jack o lantern jack lantern clipart free clipart images 3 - Clipartix

October 25th – 29th 





We will begin HATCHET next MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1st!! 

A Hatchet Internet Project is being assigned Tuesday, October 26th – Students may work on this in class when time permits and for HOMEWORK –  The project is due in Google Classroom next Friday, November 5th… 




Bellringer: Sentence Stems/Sentence Expansion/Sentence Scrambles

1.Finish OOTD Project Presentations if not completed.

2. Introduction of POWER WORDS.  Pass out study guides and go over. 

3. Review Literary Terms:  Plot, Theme, Characterization, Mood, Tone, Imagery, Conflicts. 

4.  Review of practices for Peer Critiques/Editing on essays. 



Bellringer: Sentence Stems/Sentence Expansion/Sentence Scrambles

  1.  Review POWER WORDS & Literary Elements.  

  2. Peer Critiques/Editing - LIT Observations


Wednesday:  HUMANITIES TESTING/Building background 

Educational Film-Survival if time permits after testing 



Review with Quizlets/kahoot and Blooket on Power Words and Literary Elements


Friday:  Build background for Hatchet (Read Survival by the Numbers), pass out Hatchet SRP packets, introduce vocabulary section 1 and DOL Week 9/10 homework 





October 18th – 22nd  

**OOTD projects are DUE this Thursday, October 21st 

GC resources needed for the writing task: Brainstorm/Organize, “How to Use Text Evidence”, and SEEMS documents

Monday Begin Out of the Dust culminating writing task – *See the brainstorming/organizing sheet in GC

*Locate relevant text evidence and create a rough draft – Resources  SEEMS organizer in (GC) Google Classroom 

Tuesday – Continue to complete the rough draft – Organize/revise any information and/or text evidence using any resources in GC. 

Wednesday – Final Draft Due today – Use the Editing Checklist (SRP p.140) and revise all paragraphs. 

Color Code your ESSAY – See color code document – It will be uploaded today in GC.

Thursday  – PRESENTATION of OOTD projects in class! (100pts.)


Friday – PRESENTATION of OOTD projects in class! (100pts.)




October 4th – 8th 

*Last week to bring in one bag of candy for bonus points!  :)

Monday – Bellringer daily (GC) Linking and Helping Verbs (In-class practice pages will be uploaded daily to GC)

 *DOL week 8 homework is due Wednesday. (50pts.)

Tuesday – Continue linking and helping verbs – practice page and/or Quizizz or Kahoot

Wednesday – Check DOL Week 8 

Continue linking and helping verb practice

Thursday – DOL TEST week 8 

Friday – Introduction to DOL Week 9 




September 27th – October 1st 

** 10 Point Bonus Opportunity  – Bring in ONE bag (10 oz or larger) of individually wrapped candy… 

Suggestions : Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls or miniature Tootsie pops, Hershey’s kisses, Miniatures (not fun size) candy bars, Dum Dum suckers… 

Candy is accepted through Friday, October 1st 


Monday – Teacher In-service – NO School 

Tuesday – Bellringer (also work on DOL HW) , Introduce Action & Helping Verbs 

*DOL HW – Week 7 Handout – DUE Wednesday  

Wednesday – Check DOL Week 7 HW – Verbs practice (GC) and Quizizz 

Thursday – DOL Week 7 TEST w/ basic action/linking verbs  – POV Poem is due today – “Christmas Dinner without the Cranberry Sauce” 50 pts.

Friday – Introduce DOL 8 and review of all skills – Kahoot or Quizizz 




September 20th - 24th 

** 10 Point Bonus Opportunity  – Bring in ONE bag (10 oz or larger) of individually wrapped candy… 

Suggestions : Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls or miniature Tootsie pops, Hershey’s kisses, Miniatures (not fun size) candy bars, Dum Dum suckers… 

Candy is accepted through Friday, October 1st 


Monday – Intro. to DOL Week 6 and continue singular and plural possessive nouns 

Tuesday – Continue possessive nouns practice – Quizizz (whole class) 

Wednesday – Check DOL Week 6 (Review Noun Study Guide for Homework) 

Thursday – DOL Week 6 Test w/ possessive nouns 

Friday – Intro. to subordinating conjunctions for creating compound sentences and review of grammar skills, parts of speech, etc… 


September 13th – 17th


Skill:   Singular/Plural Possessive Nouns/DOL Week 5 


Monday:  Bellringer Sentence Stem Expansions

Assign DOL Week 5

Introduce Singular/Plural Possessive Nouns (emphasize no apostrophe is needed to make a plural, but they are necessary to show ownership.)  Use the prior week’s study guide on the back of Nouns for students to follow for rules of possessives.  

Have students expand sentences with “sentence stems” (teacher created) as bell ringers or as part of the whole group lesson.  Students will identify any singular/plural and possibly possessive nouns in the text of OOTD or article reading. Students can use singular and plural nouns from the text to create possessive nouns. 

Worksheet of teacher’s choice.

Tuesday:  Bellringer Sentence Stem Expansions

HW DOL Week 5

Continue possessive nouns study through text and worksheet practice.  

Students can do a “noun walk around the room and create singular/plural noun possessives. 

Wednesday:  Bellringer:  Sentence Stem Expansion

Check DOL Week 5 for a 50 point grade. 

 Identify singular nouns in text and make them plural on worksheet and periodically throughout the novel.  

Thursday:  Bellringer:  Sentence Stem Expansion

DOL Test Week 5


Introduce DOL 6 and sentence stem expansions novel content related. 


Friday, September 10th – DOL Week 4 Test! 


** 10 Point Bonus Opportunity  – Bring in ONE bag (10 oz or larger) of individually wrapped candy… 

Examples but not limited to: Jolly Ranchers, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey’s kisses, Miniature size candy bars, Dum Dum suckers… 

Please bring in the candy anytime between September 7th – October 1st 

Students earn candy for special DOL participation, earning As on reading and/or English tests, group activities, great citizenship, etc…  

Thank you in advance for the bonus candy! 


September 6th – 10th

Monday – Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday – Singular/Plural Nouns Introduction – *See Nouns study guide – Slide Show presentation & practice page 

Wednesday – Plural Nouns – possessives, practice identifying and writing clauses and phrases 

*Video resource – Clause vs. Phrase 

Thursday – Check DOL Week 4 

Continue practice w/ nouns (Singular, plural, possessive)

Friday DOL Week 4 TEST   – Continue a spiral review of grammar skills from weeks 1-3 (Teacher’s choice) 

August 30th - September 3rd 

Homework: DOL Week 3 – Due Wednesday

(A copy was given in class Friday, August 27th) 

Monday, August 30th – See E.Resources and any video resources for the following that we will review and/or practice in class today:  

1-The 4 Sentence Types (Declarative,Interrogative,Imperative, and Exclamatory)

2-Use highlighters to review the NOUN Study Guide 

3- Fragments/Complete Sentences 

*You may also go to and search for any English skills for additional fun practice

Tuesday, August 31st –  Skills review – See E. Resources – Use the OOTD Novel for examples...

1- Repeat with practice in class and video resources for the following from Monday: 

2- The  4 Sentence Types, Nouns (Proper, Common, Collective, Abstract)  

3 – Fragments/Complete Sentences and Phrases Vs. Clauses 

Wednesday, September 1st – CHECK DOL WEEK 3  (50 points) 

Skills review with worksheets,video resources, and locating/recording examples from the NOVEL

Thursday, September 2nd – Scavenger hunt for NOUNS, the 4 Kinds of Sentences, and review Fragments and complete sentences.  These skills will be added to the DOL TEST, so please review study guides in your E. Resource section. 

Friday, September 3rd DOL WEEK 3 TEST with additional questions on skills from the week

Introduce Singular and Plural Nouns and continue to recording examples of phrases (Prepositional and adverb phrases from the OOTD text) 







August 23rd – 27th 

*All students will be joining my Google Classroom on Monday – Even though students are given a a paper copy, DOL Homework sheets, pages for the week, Section 1 vocabulary workshop pages will be uploaded there for students to ACCESS at home as well. Most TESTS (DOL, NOVEL, and VOCABULARY TESTS) will be taken in GOOGLE CLASSROOM. 

Monday: DOL 2 Due Wednesday for 50 point grade.  

WEEK 2 DOL homework should be located behind the DOL tab in the binder. We completed WEEK 1 DOL for PRACTICE last week – Grading will begin with WEEK 2 

**ALL students need a RED pen to check their DOL on Wednesday and make any necessary corrections while grading. 

Practice page  in class for Sentences & Fragments – (Monday) 

**Any practice worksheets in progress or completed in class should be located behind the E – Resources TAB in the students’ binders. 

Fragments, Clauses, Phrases, Sentences, and types of sentences

Students will discuss parts of speech and conventions found in the sentences. 


Tuesday:  Continue Sentence types, fragments, etc…

Practice Worksheet – (Tuesday) 

Students will create sentences from fragments and practice writing the 4 sentence types

Students will discuss parts of speech and conventions found in the sentences. 


Wednesday:  Check DOL 2 for 50 points grade. 

Students will continue with sentence structure and types. Students will expand fragments into complete sentences. Students will continue to indentify parts of speech and conventions in sentences.

Study DOL for test tomorrow. 


Thursday:  DOL Week 2 Test 


Friday: ELA BENCHMARK – ALL 6th grade students will complete this pretest on the Chromebook.

 Students will identify types of sentences, clauses, and phrases  while reading Out of the Dust.  

Students will identify fragments and rewrite paragraph correctly. 




(1st 9 Weeks – Activities & Dates may change as needed) 




  • 8/30- DOL Week 2

Introduce Sentence Structure (clauses, parts of speech,  conventions)

Expansion of sentence TWR (Complete/Incomplete/Fragments)

*Using appositives

  • 9/7 - DOL Week 3

 Introduce SIngular/Plural Nouns (s, es, ies)

Sentence Expansion

Figurative Language mini lesson

          Test:  9/10

  • 9/13 -DOL Week 4

 Introduce Possessive Nouns (singular/plural)

Sentence Expansion 

If students are ready….Single Paragraph writing (SPO)

Figurative Language mini lesson

Test 9/17

  • 9/20 DOL Week 5

Introduce Verbs: Action/tense & principle parts/Transitive & intransitive 

Present/Past Participles 

If students are ready….SPO continued

Sentence Expansion 

Figurative Language mini lesson

Test:  9/24

  • 9/27 DOL Week 6

Verbs:  Action vs. Linking 


         Mentioning DO/PA/PN/IO

Sentence Expansion /SPO

Figurative Language mini lesson

Test:  10/1

  • 10/4 DOL Week 7 

Introduce Helping Verbs/Pointing out difference b/t helping and linking 

*some verbs are on both lists

        Sentence Expansion/SPO

Figurative Language mini lesson

Possibly give Single Paragraph for a grade PLUS/OR  Test: 10/7

  • Fall Break October 11-15

  • 10/18 DOL Week 8 

Personal Pronouns - Chart

Sentence Expansion/SPO

Figurative Language mini lesson

              Test:  10/22 

  •  10/25 DOL Week 9


Sentence Expansion/SPO

Figurative Language mini lesson

Test:  10/29













6th Grade - English Language Arts 

Mrs. Barfield 

August 16th, 2021


Welcome to West Ridge! I hope you had an enjoyable summer. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with you! The goal in my classroom is for every student to be a successful, respectful,   

 self-motivated, and responsible learner. West Ridge teachers always have high expectations for all, and we highly encourage every student to set daily and weekly goals for a successful year! 

We will cover grammar and writing English skills daily, and develop a deeper understanding of how to analyze writing tasks and explore all the mechanics that are involved in the writing process. In reading, we will read TWO novels and ONE informational text assigned by the parish. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to purchase their own copy of the novel for making annotations. 

  • Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse (We will begin reading this one ASAP!) 

*This book is available now on for purchase, and if you enter my CLASS CODE, it will be shipped directly to the school. When the order comes in, I can distribute the books directly to students.  Mrs. Barfield’s Scholastic Code: GK6TD

  • Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (This novel will be needed in November)

  • If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge  by National Geographic/Marc Aronson (Begins in spring- TBA) 

*I would not purchase this hardback book until further notice. 


We will read, analyze, and develop a more advanced understanding and interpretation of  a variety of literary sources, figurative language, literary elements, and strengthen test taking skills and reading comprehension. 


      Class Expectations/Rules 

  1. Give 100% every day and have a positive attitude! 

  2. Respect everyone 

  3. Bring all materials to class daily (Chromebooks, pens, pencils,highlighter, binder, paper) 

  4. Begin work when entering class 

  5. Go to the restroom BETWEEN classes or at the very beginning of class if necessary 

  6. NO cell phone use - Students will be asked to leave cell phones/Apple watches in their book bag during instructional time

  7. Water only - You will be allowed to drink water during class, but water bottles should remain in your bookbag during class time. 

  8. Raise your hand to ask a question for respond - Do NOT interrupt when others are speaking

  9. Complete all assignments on time. Pay attention to DUE dates! 

  10. Be KIND and RESPECTFUL! 


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  

1 Corinthians 13:1


       *ELA class supply list is on a separate sheet and can also be found on my Teacher Page!


Conference Times/Contact Information

If you would like to schedule a conference, please call WRMS and ask for a counselor. They will schedule a conference time for you. 

Please email me if you ever have any questions or concerns. 

My plan is 1st hour, so it may be after school before I can reply. Emailing me is one of the best ways of communication throughout the school year!   


Weekly Agendas

Please check WRMS - Teacher Pages - for class daily assignments and announcements. 

Activities, tests, resources pages, practice work, links to websites or other activities will be posted in Google Classroom. Your child should be able to log in to Google Classroom easily so you can view their assignments, tests taken, etc…


School Fees - $45      PE fees - $15  


ENGLISH – August 23rd – 27th 


Monday:   DOL Week 2 is due Wednesday for a 50 point grade.   


 REFERENCE SHEET – handout to students 

  • In class practice sheets for fragments and sentences, and discuss the 4 types of sentences.






May 16th – 20th 



Monday, May 16th 

Poetry Activity (Instruction packet w/example) – “Ode” to 6th grade –  *You may produce multiple poems if time permits

Continue reading The Watsons Go To Birmingham –  Chapters 9-12 – Write a 3 sentence summary for each chapter in your STUDENT PACKET


Tuesday, May 17th 

Continue creating poetry –finish up any “Odes” and move on to “Character Poetry” – The Watsons Go To Birmingham 

           Continue reading The Watsons Go To Birmingham – Chapters 9 – 12  and write a 3 sentence summary for each chapter.


    Wednesday, May 18th 

         The Watsons Go To Birmingham –  Read Chapters 13 – 15 (Finish the book!)  Write a 3 sentence summary for each chapter.


Thursday, May 19th 

Finish reading The Watsons Go To Birmingam – Class “Book” discussion  

Complete the Activities in the STUDENT PACKET for the novel! 



Friday, May 20th 



I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe summer with family and friends!! 


Summer clipart free images 7












May 9th – 13th 


Monday, May 9th – 

Begin presentations of “All About the Decades” project 

Begin the novel, The Watsons Go To Birmingham  

All students receive a student “guide” packet with instructions for reading/note taking and other literature activities 

Today, review instructions and begin chapter 1 if time permits. 


Tuesday, May 10th – Read Chapters 1-8 – The Watsons Go To Birmingham, write a 3 sentence summary for each chapter. You may color and add any symbolism related to the novel. If you finish reading chapters and writing summaries, you may work on some of the ELA/crossword/puzzle packet or complete any activities for other classes. 


Wednesday, May 11th – Continue presenting “Decades” projects and read Chapters 9 – 12 of The Watsons…   write chapter summaries  


Thursday, May 12th – Continue presenting “Decades” projects and read Chapters 13- 15 of The Watsons…   – write chapter summaries and work on literature activity pages in the packet 


Friday, May 13th – Finish presenting “Decades” projects if needed and read Chapters 16-19 of The Watsons… – write chapter summaries and work on literature activity pages in the packet 


April 25th – 29th 


Monday – Continue working on your “Decades” project – Google Classroom 

Tuesday – “Decades” project  **The due date for the project has been moved to FRIDAY, APRIL 29th – All students who submit their COMPLETED project by Friday will receive 10 bonus points for the 4th nine weeks! 






****Reminder: “CHARACTER TRAITS”  HOMEWORK Slideshow in PROJECTS in Google Classroom  are DUE TODAY!!  

    Monday, April 18th – No School – Easter Break                                                             

Tuesday, April 19th –  DOL WEEK 28 HW – DUE THURSDAY   Use the LEAP 2025 rubric in small groups to evaluate and critique writing task from “The Stripes Will Survive” writing task (Session 2 LEAP practice)     

Begin an Edulastice LEAP practice assessment w/ extended response writing task 

Wednesday, April 20th – Discuss the multiple choice questions and writing task from the Edulastic LEAP practice test (Tuesday)  


**Review IRONY with practice teacher’s choice activities (Any worksheets will be posted on Google Classroom) 

Thursday, April 21st Check DOL Week 28 HW (50 pts.)  Complete an “Irony” activities, view teacher’s choice videos to review Literary Terms, Figurative Language, etc… 

*CommonLit  activity to review LEAP reading comprehension skills if time permits… 

Friday, April 22nd –  Quizizz/Blooket whole class game time review of LEAP skills and Teacher’s choice reading comprhension activity for LEAP review –  (Any worksheets or activities will be posted in Google Classroom) 






April 11th – 15th 

*Homework project  – “Character slides” – Google Classroom –   Tuesday, April 19th            *See Google Classroom 

Monday, April 11th  –  Complete the writing task – “Gold Rush”, begin a Google Scavenger hunt of Literary Terms and Figurative Language… *See Google Classroom.                                              Commonlit practice –   Teacher’s Choice *See Google Classroom


Tuesday, April 12th  –  Complete and check any CommonLit practice and scavenger hunt activities from Monday.  



Wednesday, April 13th  – Check DOL 27 (Homework grade ONLY 50 points)

Continue and Complete the writing task from LEAP PRACTICE SESSION 2  – Students will evaluate and critque the writing task using the LEAP 2025 Rubrics… 

 Thursday, April 14th –   Skill focus:  Irony –  Reading passage with examples of irony and Google search examples of irony –  Attach examples to the Google Doc.


Friday, April 15th – GOOD FRIDAY  (Happy Easter!!) 



APRIL 4th – 8th 

**Literary Elements and Figurative Language will be reviewed each week in April for LEAP preparation

Commonlit activities will include writing practice.  

**ALL LEAP preparation activities will be posted in Google Classroom 

Monday, April 4th –  HOLES Activities –  Complete and submit Plot Diagram,  begin THEME                   STATEMENTS, and begin LEAP – Commonlit  practice – Teacher’s choice 

*Homework project  – “Character slides” – Google Classroom –   Due Monday, April 18th – *See Google Classroom 

Tuesday, April 5th –  LEAP Practice – CommonLit 

Wednesday, April 6th – Check DOL Week 24,  continue CommonLit 

Thursday, April 7th –  DOL WEEK 24 TEST,  continue CommonLit  

Friday, Aprill 8th –   Literary Elements review – QUIZIZZ – Also, finish any CommonLit writing activities and Holes slides 




March 21st – 25th 

*NO DOL TEST this week – it will only be counted as a 50 point HOMEWORK 

Monday – DOL Week 23 Homework – Due Wednesday, HOLES TEST- Section 4, Begin HOLES Section 5 – Chapters 40-45, continue to work on slides 41-48

Tuesday – Complete HOLES section 5 – Chapters 46-50, continue to work on slides 41-48 

**ALL slides should be completed by the end of the day Friday, March 25th 


   Wednesday – HOLES Section 5 TEST, work on slides 41-48 and Plot Diagram worksheet (Google Classroom)  


  Thursday –  HOLES MOVIE! –  You may bring a dry snack –  NO Energy drinks 


Friday -  Make up any work, tests, assignments…. complete HOLES slides (All slides due – 2-48 Google Classroom) 




March 14th – 18th 

Homework: Week 22 DOL – relative pronouns WILL be on the test this week 

Practice Relative Pronouns w/ Quizizz and any review of practice pages from Google Classroom

Be sure to work on any HOLES slides from last week and new slides this week. You will need to do some as homework with our time limits in class. 

Skills: Hyperbole and Plot 

Monday, March 14th -  Read HOLES Section 3 (Chapters 20-28)  – Finish reading chapters 25 – 28  

          *Be sure to highlight and annotate important details as we read each chapter 

Work to complete SLIDES (Google Classroom) This week  – slides 24-31 have been assigned

          Relative Pronouns – Continue practice pages (Google Classroom) 


             Tuesday, March 15th  –  DOL Week 22 – Homework 

                Relative Pronouns – Practice sheets (Google Classroom) 

             HOLES Book TEST – Section 3  (Chapters 20-28) 

  •    *Work to complete Holes slides  # 24 – 40    


            Wednesday, March 16th  –  Check DOL Week 22 

             Begin HOLES Section 4 –   (Chapters 29-39) highlight and annotate 

           Relative Pronouns –  Practice pages (Google Classroom)  

                   *Work to complete Holes slides  # 24 – 40  

                 Thursday, March 17th –     DOL Test Week 22 w/ Relative Pronouns 

              Continue HOLES Section 4 ( Chapters 29-39)  – highlight and annotate 

               *Work to complete Holes slides  # 24 – 40  

                  Friday, March 18th  – Complete reading of HOLES Section 4 and slides 

                            *Work to complete Holes slides  # 24 – 40                      

                   **If time permits,  LEAP practice – (CommonLit)  




March 7th – 11th 


**See Holes Calendar/ LEAP guide in Google Classroom for more specific details 

Monday, March 7th  – Review CommonLit passages  Q & A  –  “The Night the Ghost Got In”

*Today, we read Holes Chapters 9 – 14, so we will complete chapters 14-19 on Tuesday in class, then begin work on project slides #14-21 (Google Classroom) 

– Begin reading HOLES Section 2 (Chapters 9-19)  – Vocabulary Words Section 2 ( Google Classrooom) 

Additional Book Project Slides to Complete This Week :  14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,22, and 23

Metaphor Skills/ Tone/Mood Skill Week/Power Words Focus all week – Predict, Infer 

DOL WEEK 21 w/ Relative Pronoun practice   –   Relative Pronouns – Who, Whose, Whom, Which, That  – Study guide and practice pages are posted in Google Classroom  Relative Pronouns will NOT be tested this week. They will be included on the TEST for DOL Week 22.  

**Liveworksheets for Relative Pronouns are uploaded to Google Classroom – There are 7 practice pages – We are completing one practice page daily this week, and the last two pages next Monday and Tuesday of next week. 

Tuesday, March 8th   Relative Pronoun practice worksheet #2 (Google Classroom) , Complete and check “Pet Rocks” CommonLit  – LEAP practice (Google Classroom) 

– Continue reading HOLES section 2 –  (Chapters 14-19) and complete project slides as you work through the chapters.   Slides #14-21

DOL Week 21 – Homework 


Wednesday, March 9th – Check DOL Week 21, finish reading any chapters of HOLES section 2,

and continue to complete book project slides   


Thursday, March 10th –  **HOLES SECTION 2 TEST including vocabulary words &  DOL TEST Week 21 (No relative pronouns on the test) 

 LEAP PRACTICE  *** Important ***  practice timed reading and writing activities for the upcoming LEAP test

Complete a COLD READ TASK, including a writing task – ( 60 minutes )  This task will be uploaded to Google Classroom, along with a document for completion of the writing task. 


Friday, March 11th –  Analyze the questions and answers from the COLD READ task from Thursday, and critique writing final drafts

Review Section 3 vocabulary

READ HOLES – Review Section 3 - Chapters 20 – 26 

(Whole class and small group activity)   –  Complete any slides assigned from this week.  # 14 – 23

**If time permits, work on Slides # 24 – 31 (These will be assigned on Monday, March 14th) 













February 28th – March 4th

DOL Week 20  Homework Due – Thursday, March 3rd 

Monday – February 28th  –  Complete any FINAL DRAFT revisions, editing, and color coding 1st  45 minutes of the block 

English skill: Reflexive Pronouns Study Guide and Practice Page has been uploaded to Google Classroom – You may complete the practice in class or for homework, and we will check it together on Tuesday. 

CommonLit Reading Comprehension passages – 2nd half of the block (See Google Classroom )

Tuesday, March 1st – Begin HOLES unit – **See Full Unit Schedule in Google Classroom 

Check Reflexive Pronoun worksheet –  Complete the additional worksheet in Google Classroom for homework or in class if time permits. 


Section 1 – Chapters 1-8 

We do NOT have class sets/ paper copies of the book.  Students will annotate on the pdf version (Google Classroom) 

Introduce Vocbulary Words, read section 1 , identifying characterization, figurative language…

Read Chapters 1-4 (Annotate)

DOL Week 20 – Reflexive Pronouns – HW Study Guide/In Class practice in Google Classroom and Quizizz practice 

Power Words of the week : Analyze & Evaluate 


Wednesday, March 2nd –  Continue reading HOLES Chapters 5-8   and annotating (characterization, events, figurative language)                                                                  Reflexive Pronoun Practice – Google Classroom – Quizizz 

Power Words of the week: Analyze, Evaluate, Explain 


Thursday, March 3rd – Check DOL Week 20  –  Check all Reflexive Pronoun practice pages

 Complete reading any chapters from HOLES Section 1 and annotating,

Teacher’s choice HOLES activity 


Friday, March 4th    *Holes Project slides that should be completed or MOSTLY completing, depending on the information you’ve gained from the chapters.   Slides:  2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, & 13   –  DO NOT fall behind on completing slides each week. You should have a lot of time in class to complete most of the work. If it’s not completed in class, then it is your responisibility to complete the weekly assigned slides for homework. 

DOL TEST w/ Reflexive Pronouns, 

Section 1 TEST – Holes Chapters 1-8 (100 points) 

***Review ALL CommonLit Reading Comprehension practice from the week (Q&A) 






**Bonus Point Opportunity – 10 points – ONE bag individually wrapped candy 12 oz. or larger 

Bring anytime through February 


Monday, February 14th Today, we created digital slides for chapters 6 & 7 – Two annotation slides and one central idea slide for each chapter…. I posted a Central Idea/Summary SRP completed page – located under the “Digital Journal” tab. You may copy and paste the central ideas to your slides. Also, read through the important details on the SRP sheet to compare and/or add more information to your chapter annotation slides. 

Questions to answer for Ch. 6 Annoations slide – 

Q- What is carbon-14 dating? Why is it important to archeology? 

Q- What was the descrepancy (disagreement) with the dates found from the antlers from Atkinson’s ramp and the antlers in raising two of the other stones?

Q- What was the tough choice Mike had to make? 

Q – What was Mike’s plan? 

Chapter 7 Annotation’s slide – Explain the various “theories” presented in this chapter 

Lesson 17:  Adding to the list of theories about Stonehenge - Citing Text Evidence and Determining Word Meanings

  • Introduce Section 4 Vocab. 

  • Read Chp 6  & 7  pgs. 30-35 and 36-41 Annotating in Field Journals.

    • SRP p. 18-20-Summary

    • Discuss Text Dependent Qu. SRP p. 23

  • Record Richard Atkinson’s Theory about Stonehenge



Tuesday, February 15th  –  Today, we are reading and annotating Chapter 8, so create two annotation slides in the digital journal and one central idea slide –  You may also copy and paste the central idea from the SRP central idea/summary sheet located under the “Digital Journal” tab. 

I have assiged a “first” Common Lit reading comprehension passage for practice on Google Classroom – Click on the assingnment – you will need to login in with GOOGLE –  It will ask you to “Allow” Common Lit to access your Google Account and you need to click allow. Once you see the Common Lit screen, look in the black bar and in the top right corner you’ll see a “bell” with a red number beside it. That is your notification button for assignments. Click on it and you should see the assignment “Wooly Mammoth” passage/debate. Open the assignment, read the passage and answer the assessment questions. It is set on Guided Reading Mode, so you will not be able to see all of the text clearly until you answer the guided reading question correctly. We had a discussion in class about the “discusssion” or “debate” question. You do not have to write in on paper. 

DOL Week 19 will be checked tomorrow! 


Lesson 20: Compare/Contrast Images 

  • Compare the images on pages 36 &38 

  • Read Chp 8 pgs.  43-47 – Annotating in Journals

    • Analyze images and annotate how they deepen understanding of chapter

    • Add to tracking theories handout SRP p. 23


Wednesday, February 16th  Today, students read Chapter 9 and the Epilogue, created two slides for annotations and one slide for the central idea (Chapter 9 ONLY) – you do not have to do this for the epilogue. I uploaded Quizizz for Stonehenge review. After working on section 4 vocabulary sentences in the digital journal, students could choose Quizizz or any of the uploaded videos for test review. 


Lesson 21: Drawing Conclusions

Lesson 22: Unproven Theories

  • Read Ch. 9 –  Epilogue –  Read Chp 9 – P.49-54 Annotate and discuss theories of why Stonehenge was abandoned in Journals 

  • Discuss why this project was built in southern England.

  • Annotate - Determine What is the story of Stonehenge according to Mike and the Riverside team?  

  • What theories are mentioned about why Stongehenge was abandoned? 

    • What is still unknown about Stonehenge? 


Thursday, February 17th – Today, students will complete the DOL Week 19 test and then review for the vocabulary and book tests for Friday –  Review by studying NOTES – See Google Classroom SRP page uploaded under the “Digital Journal” tab, review with Quizizz, and watch any previous videos.  If all studying has been done, students may watch one or both of the new PBS “Archeology” videos uploaded on GC for more field observation. 



Friday, February 18th  Today, students are completing Section 4 Vocabulary Test and the Stones Book Test – Ch. 6- Epi. (Book test is open notes- use your digital journal, book, etc...) After completing all tests, students may study for other tests, complete any assignments, projects, tests for classes, read, use any approved educational websites for any classes. 

*Monday, February 21st –  PRESIDENT’S DAY  

Vocabulary TEST – Section 4 

BOOK TEST – Chapters 6 – Epilogue 



February 7th – 11th 

Monday, February 7th

Today, students completed the TEST, read Chapter 1 of Stones and annotated the chapter in the digital journal -Two slides were labeled “Annotations Chapter 1”, answering the following questions: Page 7   What is Stonehenge? Where is it located? How old is it? What does the name mean? Who is there investingating it? Why? 

2nd slide – Page 8 Briefly introduce THREE of the main theories about Stonehenge… 

 TEST – “Archaeology Then and Now” and “Episode 1: My First Adventure” 

(Homework – Vocabulary Section 3) 

Create a sentence for each word on your digital journal slide                                                                 Title: Section 3 Vocabulary – Sentences

*Read Ch. 1 If Stones Could Speak and annotate (Digital Journals) You may highlight in your own book, but annotations should be entered into the digital journal                                                    Title the slide – Stones Chapter 1 

Annotate – Significance on Stonehenge


Tuesday, February 8th –  Today, we read Ch. 2  If Stones Could Speak   and annotated (create a digital journal slide after Ch. 1 annotations), watched two videos about Stonehenge (Uploaded to Videos – Google Classroom)  Also, if you are absent and DO NOT have a copy of the book, I uploaded YouTube audioversions of EVERY chapter from the book – **SEE Videos – Google Classroom. 


**Bellringer – Complete the STONES Writing Task from LAST week in Google Classroom. 

FINAL COPY – Due Wednesday, February 9th 

Lesson 13: Integrating Information    

(Homework – Vocabulary Section 3 – Create a sentence for each word on your digital journal slide (Title: Section 3 Vocabulary – Sentences) smiley

  • Discuss how more than one text addresses similar themes and archaeological processes. 

  • Read Chp 2 - Stones pg. 12-15 Annotating in Field Journal

  • Describe how Stonehenge was designed.

  • Group Discussion: How does the info about Stonehenge on p. 13-15 support what you learned about archaeology in this unit?



Wednesday, February 9th – Today, we checked DOL Week 18, Read Chapter 3 & 4 – If Stones Could Speak    ( Created slides for:  Chapter 3 Annotations, Chapter 3 Central Idea, Chapter 4 Annotations, and Chapter 4  Central Idea)  Each chapter annotation slide should contain at least 5 bullet points of information from the chapters… 

 Review/Study Vocabulary Words – Section 3 

 Lesson 14: Analyze Text: Ramilisonina 

  • Read chapters 3-4  pages 16-23 Annotating in Field Journals

  • Analyze/Describe Ramilisonina and his significance 



Thursday, February 10th – Section 3 Vocabulary TEST 

Lesson 15: Summarizing (Tracing Theories of Stonehenge)

Today, we read and annotated CHAPTER 5                                                                                                (adding two slides for annotations in the digital journal and one Central Idea  slide), completed the DOL WEEK 18 and Section 3 Vocabulary Test 

  • Read Ch 5 pgs.24-29 Annotating in journals

  • Students trace the various theories that have been expressed about Stonehenge record in digital journals

  • Summarize and understand how the evidence that supports or rejects the validity of identified claims. 



Friday, February 11th –   

Today, we will write the central idea on the digital journal slide, complete the CHAPTERS 1-5 STONES Book Test, Introduce DOL Week 19 and Section 4 Vocabulary words. If time permits, students may complete the last portion of “Episode 1: My First Adventure” Located under the VIDEO tab in Google Classroom. 

 Lesson 16: Reread and provide evidence for text dependent questions with partners

  • Review Ch. 1-5 discussion text dependent questions for review. SRP p. 22

  • Comprehension Test Ch. 1-5






January 31st – February 4th

Homework:  Stones Vocabulary – Section 2 –  Write a sentence for each vocabulary word on slide 9 in your digital journal (Highlight the voc. word) – Due Tuesday

Monday, January 31st – Today, students completed the test and watched the first 20 minutes of “Episode 1: My First Adventure” – and observing for actions/events that are Realistic and Unrealistic and we began annotating the article “Archaeology Then and Now”, highlighting the important events and creating text boxes of notes beside each paragraph.  We will continue annotating the article on Tuesday. 

Comprehension Test: “Travel” “Archaeology 101” and “Profiles of Archaeologists” 

                                             Watch “Episode 1: My First Adventure”,work to complete complete Realistic vs. Unrealistic on T-Chart, and record findings in the digital Journal

        Tuesday, February 1st – Today:  Review Section 2 Vocabulary sentences, Watch “Episode 1: My First Adventure”,

                              work to complete complete Realistic vs. Unrealistic on T-Chart, and record findings in the digital Journal,  and annotate “Archaeology Then and Now” (GC) 


         Wednesday, February 2nd – Today – Students reviewed vocabulary words and completed the Vocabulary TEST Section 2 , Checked DOL Week 17, and complete any annotations for “Archaeology Then and Now” (Stop at the BOTTOM of page 4) Do NOT go on to page 5 for annotations, and discuss the Claim for the writing task beginning tomorrow – **SEE the assignment uploaded in Google Classroom 

  • Reflect on how your understanding of “Travel” has changed after watching “Episode 1” in Field Journal. 

    • Record in Field digital journal 

       Thursday, February 3rd –  Today, students took the DOL Week 17 Test  and began working on the extended writing response. All resources are located in Google Classroom – “If Stones Could Speak – Resources” tab and the “Stones – Writing Tasks” tab.   Directions for the writing are located on the writing assignment. Please complete as much of the writing assignment as possble before Monday. More time will be allowed after the test on Monday to complete the writing task. 

        Lesson 9 : Claim Statement and Evidence   

  • Discuss Claim:  Archaeology is an exciting field because it helps us learn about the past. 

    • How does this quote reflect the claim:                                                                                                     “Archaeology is an exciting field because it helps us learn about the past.”

                         Complete Claims/Evidence Chart.   

**If we finish Thursday’s lesson early enough, we’ll move on to Lesson 10 for Friday… 

*******Due to inclement weather on Friday, February 4th, the “Archaeology Then and Now” “Neolithic Era” and                 “Episode 1: My First Adventure” TEST has been moved to MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7th 

    Friday, February 4th –  Comprhension Test : “Episode 1: My First Adventure” and “Archaeology Then and Now” 

2-1  /2-2 Lesson 10-11: Compare/Contrast Two Texts 

  • Question: “How has archaeology changed?

  • Read Archaeology: Then and Now” from Intrigue of the Past, Part 1: Fundamental Concepts Introduction

    • Record findings in TCHART in Field Journal under Reflections/Discoveries -Compare/Contrast the differences in archaeology practices then and now.”What ideas and the same and what ideas are different?

  • Compare/Contrast Arch. 101 and Arch. Then and Now on H-Chart SRP p. 17



January 24th – 28th 

**DUE to the Humanities Testing this week, NO Vocabulary words this week! 

Today, we read “Travel” SRPpages 10-11, annotated for imagery, important words and phrases, similes, personification, etc… and completed part of the SRP p. 12 

Monday, January 24th – Review annotations and the perspective of each archaeologist in the article,  “Profiles of Archaeologists”

Complete first the T of TP-CASTT SRP p. 12

  • Read Stevenson’s Travel Poem p. 10-11  

    • Complete TP-CASTT (C-AS-TT) 

  • Discuss Poem Shifts 

Tuesday, January 25th –   6th GRADE HUMANITIES TEST 

Wednesday, January 26th – 7th GRADE HUMANITIES TEST 

Thursday, January 27th –  

Today, we reread the poem “Travel” and completed the TP-CASTT organizer SRPp. 12 

Also, students added slide #8 to their digital journals – Title – Poem “TRAVEL” 

Write and answer the following questions on slide #8 : 

What is the speaker’s attitude toward TRAVEL?

Identify some (3 to 5)  words and phrases used to determine the speaker’s attitude…  

**Be sure all slides # 2-8 are up to date on your digital journal. 

Slide #9 –  Write a one sentence for each vocabulary word from section 2 Vocabulary list and definitions – Total – 9 words/sentences

Use the words in the context of social studies, archeology, history, culture, etc… relate it to what we’re learning.

Highlight your vocabulary word in each sentence  (Vocabulary sentences DUE next Wednesday) 

  • Lesson 3: Reread Travel - Evidence to prove theme

    • Discuss Theme with group 

      • In Journal- create a T-Chart Theme/Evidence

    • SEEMs Paragraph- Determine a theme developed in “Travel.” Include evidence to support. 

Friday, January 28th –  

Today in class… **We will review annotation notes from each article – “Archaeology 101” and “Profiles of Archaeology” today – (Test Monday)

You will be allowed to view the articles during the test. 

  • Videos - “What is Archaeology?” and “The Excavation Process: How we excavate: 

    • Create a new slide on the digital journal and write a Class Summary paragraph  

    • Comprehension TEST for “Profiles of Archaeology” and “Archeology 101” will most likely be moved to next MONDAY!  








**ELA TEACHERS will have a CLASS SET copy of the book (In class use only)

Monday, January 17th – MLK Jr. Holiday – No School 

Tuesday, January 18th – If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge (Orbis Pictus Honor for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children (Aw...


If Stones Could Speak –  Begin the introduction to archeology, Stonehenge, prior knowledge activities, videos, etc.. 

**ELA TEACHERS will have a CLASS SET – These book cannot leave the classroom. I will be posting a YouTube Video link as we are ready to read each chapter. There is no free pdf of this book available, but the YouTube links will be very sufficient. The pages of the book are shown on the video. 

**The reading calendar, videos, vocabulary, additional reading activities, etc… is all located in Google Classroom. **All mentioned will be uploaded as needed for each week. 


  • Tuesday , January 18th Lesson I -Introduce CWT/Gallery Walk- Digital



        ****Today, we added DO what notes to the digital journal (GC), Watched the videos          (Neothilic Era & Stones of Madagascar) and added bullet point notes to the digital journal, and read the first page of the article “Archaeology 101”.       


      Set up field journals.
    • Task --Do/What Chart/Rubric/Overall requirements p. 2 SRP 

    • Introduction:  Sect. 1 Vocabulary 

    • Read para 1-2 Archaeology 101 SRP p. 6-9

    • View image p. 16

    • Gallery Walk pg 30, 36, 40, 46, 53, Arch. 101 1st image  (Post around the room)

      • Answer question : Choose one picture. What does it show about archaeology?

    • Watch Videos Neolithic Era, Stones of Madagascar World Heritage Sites

    • Classroom timeline p. 62-63 



         Wednesday, January 19th 

*** Today students worked to complete some of their vocabulary workshop HW for bellringer. We read the remainder of the article, “Archaeology 101” – highlighting important sentences, key words, etc… Students manually added 2 new slides to the digital journal – 

*Slide 5 – Title “Archaeology 101 – Main Idea     Slide 6 – “Profiles of Archaeologists”  – Main Idea            On Slide #7 – Vocabulary Section 1 –   Students copied and pasted the vocabulary words and definitions from their GC  Vocabulary words and definitions list  


  • Lesson 2: Travel Poem- THEME

    • Read and Annotate “Profiles of Archaeologists”                                                                  ( Cold Read) – GC

      • Tone

      • POV about challenges of preservation in archaeology

        • How do they solve this problem?

      • Summary

      • Central Idea

      • Structure

      • Author’s Purpose

    • Complete T of TP-CASTT SRP p. 12

    • Read Stevenson’s Travel Poem p. 10-11  

      • Complete TP-CASTT (C-AS-TT) 

    • Discuss Poem Shifts 

    •  Review vocabulary 



       Thursday, January 20st 

Today, we checked DOL Week 16, reviewed section 1 vocabulary words –  Submit your vocabulary workshop sentences 

Also, students completed page 13 “Summary Handout” regarding “Archaeology 101” 

Use the article to write ( 3 to 5 bullet points of important details (left column)  and a one or two-sentence central (main) idea (right side column) for that specific section of the SRP (Student Resource Packet).  If you have not returned to school to receive your Student Resource Packet yet, you may complete the one that I am uploading to G Classroom today! 

”Archaeology 101 is in your SRP and it’s also located in Google Classroom. 

Tomorrow – DOL & Vocabulary Section 1 TESTS 

  • Lesson 3: Reread Travel - Evidence to prove theme

    • Discuss Theme with group 

      • In Journal- create a T-Chart Theme/Evidence

    • SEEMs Paragraph- Determine a theme developed in “Travel.” Include evidence to support. 

    • Review Vocabulary 



        Friday, January 21st        

Today, students completed the DOL Week 16 Test and the Section 1 Vocabulary Test – If Stones Could Speak 

finished SRP page 13 – Summarizing Handout for “Archaeology 101”,  and read “Profiles of Archaeologists” and annotated, highlighting information to answer the questions:  What is the POV of each archaeologist regarding PRESERVATION? How do they suggest we all solve problems of preserving cultures, artifacts, etc…?  (Found in Google Classroom along with “Archaeology 101”)

Also, we reviewed the Online Training Tools for the Humanities test next Tuesday.  I will post directions HERE  for accessing the Online Tools Training on your Chromebook at home. You may review and practice as many times as needed.   

Directions for OTT Online Tools Training for the Humanities Test Next Week : 

1 – SIGN OUT of your Google Account 

2 – Go to APPS at the bottom left of your Chromebook – Click on Adam Test Delivery 

3 – Enter the Test Code:   ELA2021 

4 – Read and follow the directions on each slide – this training allows you to freely practice all the tools! 



  • 1-21  Lesson 4: Archaeology 101- Central Idea 

    • Read Archaeology 101- Fill out Summary Chart as you R/A 

      • Intro

      • Material Culture

      • Types of Archaeology

      • Process of Archaeology

      • Destruction of Cultural Heritage 

    • Discuss Vocabulary

    • Vocabulary Test Section 1 











January 6th – 14th 

Our next book, If Stones Could Speak, will begin on January 18th   

Please purchase a copy for reading and annoations ASAP! 

If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge (Orbis Pictus Honor for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children (Aw...


The complete ELA CALENDAR for the THIRD nine weeks has been uploaded to Google Classroom!                          Thursday, January 6th – Hatchet Lookbook/ Survival Pack Project on Google Slides --Due January 12th.                150 Point Grade.

   Friday, January 7th – Hatchet Lookbook/ Survival Pack Project on Google Slides --Due January 12th.     


   Monday, January 10th – Wednesday, January 12th –  Work on Survival Project for Hatchet (Google Slides)  


   Thursday, January 13th – Friday, January 14th –  Present LookBook Survival Projects  to the class.       



December 20th – 22nd 

Monday – HATCHET – THE MOVIE!!! 

Tuesday – Non-graded classwork / Graded Assignments 

Wednesday –  ½ day – Make up work only 



December 13th – 17th 


          Monday –  HATCHET Ch. 15 – Epilogue TEST  

                                        Early finishers: Continue Christmas reading activities on Google    Classroom and/or library book checkout. 


              Tuesday – 6th Grade BENCHMARK TEST  – 

                                         Early finishers: Continue Christmas reading activities on              Google Classroom  and/or library book checkout. 


          WednesdayHatchet – Begin Culminating Writing Task – Reread the task and develop a brainstorm/outline – locate relevant text evidence. 

**ALL documents for the Cuminating Writing Task will be located in Google Classroom

            Thursday –  Continue Hatchet CWT –   Using SEEMS as an organizer, begin the ROUGH DRAFT 


         Friday –  Complete rough drafts w/ editing and revising. Begin typing FINAL draft in GC. 

HATCHET – The MOVIE –  Part 1 & 2 – will be shown next MONDAY and TUESDAY in class! You may bring a dry snack (popcorn, trail mix, chips, etc...) 

If you bring a drink, please bring something that would fit in your lunch box. Drinks will be allowed for movie day – Water, flavored water, soft drink, etc...)  NO ENERGY DRINKS ALLOWED!! 









*Candy ideas – Individually wrapped, miniatures not snack size, suckers, mini Reeses, Hershey Kisses, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, miniature Tootsie Pops, etc…     THANKS! 

You may bring either ONE BAG of candy for the REWARD BOX or ONE JUMBO Bottle of Clorox Wipes (78-80ct) 



                                      Dec. 6-10, 2021

  • MONDAY – 12/6 Lesson 18: How has Brian changed?


    • Read Ch. 15 

      • Annotate for: What is “first meat” and what does Brian learn from this experience?-Students who do not have own novel will annotate in their document on GC 

    • SRP P. 7 Ch. 15 Qu- Create T-Chart for quotes/explanations

    • Sect. 5 Vocabulary Study-HW

  • TUESDAY – 12/7 Lesson 19: Memory Moments

    • SRP p. 27 Ch. 15- Memory Moments

    • SRP p. 7 Ch. 15 Qu. 2 Memory Moments developing Themes

    • Read Ch. 16 

      • Annotate for: What setbacks does Brian Experience in Ch. 16? (orange) How does he respond to these setbacks?(yellow) -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes/note cards

    • Sect. 5 Vocabulary -HW

  • WEDNESDAY – 12/8 Lesson 20: How does Brian continue to show he  has learned lessons about survival?

  • Finish Setbacks & Response annotations from Ch. 16 if needed.

  • Review Section 5 voc. 

  • Read Ch. 17 -18

    • Annotate for: How does Brian continue to show he has learned lessons about survival? -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes/note cards

  • Sect. 5 Vocabulary -HW

  • THURSDAY – 12/9 Lesson 21: Analyzing hatchet references


    • Read Ch. 19-EPILOGUE

      • Annotate for: What happens to the hatchet? (orange) How does Brian react? (yellow) -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes/note cards

    • SRP p. 29 Hatchet References- Quotes/Brian’s feelings about it. 









November 29th – December 3rd 

Monday – Introduce Hatchet – Section 4 Vocabulary Words 

Complete SRP page 6  #2-3  / notes for Chapters 6-8 

READ Chapter 9  and annotate – Words, actions, thoughts  

SRP page 6 – Point of View Paragraph 

Tuesday – Read Chapters 9-10 – Annotate for : What survival skills is Brian utilizing?                                     Vocabulary Section 4 – Homework – Due Wednesday  SRP page 6 #1  

Wednesday – Check Vocabulary Workshop – Section 4

Determine Themes being conveyed froom annotations of Chapters 9-10 

SRP page 25  

Read chapters 11-12  – Partner or group reading and annotate : What part of the text supports the idea that Brian is becoming more confident in his ability to survive?   

SRP page 7  


READ CHAPTER 13    –  Annotate : What part of the text supports the ideas that Brian is learning about himself and about survival? 

READ CHAPTER 14    – Annotate:  Brian recalls mistakes he’s made. What are these mistakes and what has he learned from them? 

Friday  –  HATCHET NOVEL TEST – Chapters 9-14




November 15th – 19th 

  • Monday – 11/15 Lesson 10: Important Character Changes

    • SECTION 3 VOCABULARY HW (Complete in GC) – Due Wednesday, November 17th – Submit in GC 

    • Read Ch. 6-8 -Stop at “They were awful berries…” Ch. 7

      • Annotate for: What challenges does Brian face? (orange text)  How does he respond to these challenges? (green text) If annotating in your own book, use green and orange highlighter OR Write C for Challenge and R for Response

    • Sect. 3 Vocabulary Definitions/Parts of Speech-HW

    • COMPLETE note taking for article “What Would Peter Do?”  (Small groups) (Hatchet Group Activity Folder in GC  –

    • Begin SRP p. 21- Compare Brian’s actions to Peter’s advice-text evidence and quotes from both texts (Small groups) 

    • Tuesday, 11-16 –  Complete SRP p. 21 organizer – Small groups

    • Complete Hatchet Chapters 6-8 and any annotations in the book or on the GC annotation document AND SRP page 5 – dicussion questions. 

    • Wednesday, 11-17 –  Check Vocabulary workshop section 3 and submit 

    • Vocabulary Test – Section 3 

    • Prepare for the writing task – Discuss the questions, expectations for the writing task, group work on Thursday. 

    • Review Hatchet notes, annotations, and take QUIZIZZ practice tests

    • Thursday, 11-18 –  Hatchet constructed reponse activity – Discuss finding and comparisons of “What Would Peter Do?” and Brian’s actions in the novel. 

    • Complete the Constructed response writing task on your writing task document in Google Classroom. 

              Hatchet Novel Test – Chapters 5-8 


              Friday , 11-19 –   Complete any unfinished assignments, writing task, annotations, book test, vocabulary tests, etc…  

Review literary and/or grammar skills on Quizizz or Blooket





NOVEMBER 8th – 12th 


MONDAY – 11/8          Lesson 6: Characterization and Word Study

  • TEST-Ch. 1-4 Comprehension 

  • Read Chapter 5  

    • Annotate for:What is Brian learning about Survival?  -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes./note cards

  • SRP P. 4 Qu. 1-2

  • Sect. 2 Vocabulary Synonyms-HW

  • TUESDAY –   11/9  Lesson 7: Diction and Characterization

    • Re-read Chapter 5  

      • Annotate for powerful words & phrases (pink) -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes./note cards

    • SRP p. 5 Ch. 5 Qu. 3 

    • Sect. 2 Vocabulary Sentences-HW

  • WEDNESDAY –  Check Vocabulary Workshop Section 2 –

  • ***RETEST Chapters 1-4 Hatchet Novel Test  (We reviewed yesterday)

  • Revisit Ch. 5 and complete questions in your SRP – page 4 and and only the first question on page 5 for Chapter 5 ONLY. 

  • Read “What Would Peter Do?”  Independently – SRP pages 17-20 (Annotate as you read!) 

  • We will discuss the article “What Would Peter Do?” and annnotations on FRIDAY after the DOL and Vocabulary TESTS! 


  • 11/10 Lesson 8: Compare/Contrast Literary/Non-fiction  Texts

    • SRP p. 17-20 Read “What Would Peter Do?” 

    • Annotate for main idea  and details at each “stop” in the text. -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes./note cards

    • SRP p. 21- Compare Brian’s actions to Peter’s advice-text evidence and quotes from both texts

    • Sect. 2 Vocabulary Study-Hw

  • THURSDAY –                   11/11 - Veterans’ Day 

  • FRIDAY –  Hatchet Voc.Test Section 2     11/12 Lesson 9:

  • Compare/Contrast Literary/Non-fiction Texts   

  • SRP p. 5 Ch. 5 Qu. 4- Use completed SRP. p. 21 to write a SEEMS constructed response.-updated prompt below

  • Does Brian follow the advice offered in “What Would Peter Do?” How do both of these texts support the idea from Hatchet “You are your most valuable asset.”? Use evidence from the text to support.




November 1st – 5th  

*Hatchet Vocabulary Section 1 Test – Thursday, Nov. 4th

**Hatchet Nine Week Guide is located in Reading Resources – Google Classroom 

  • Monday – 11/1  Introduce Hatchet Task

    • SRP P. 1 Do/What Chart

    • Sect. 1 Vocabulary Definitions/ Parts of Speech-HW

  •  Tuesday – 11/2 Lesson 1: Summarization and Characterization

    • SRP p. 2 Qu. 1

    • Read Chapter 1  

      • Annotate for character Words  Actions Thoughts  -students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes/note cards

    • SRP p. 2 Qu. 2

    • SRP p. 9 Summarize Ch. 1 in groups -write paragraph

    • SRP p. 2 Qu 3.    

    • Sect. 1 Vocabulary Synonyms-HW

  • Wednesday – 11/3 Lesson 2: Characterization of Brian

    • Google Classroom- SEEMs Discussion Paragraph from Ch. 1- What adjective would you use to describe Brian? (Character Trait.) 

    • Read Chapter 2  

      • Annotate for character Words Actions Thoughts -students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes/note cards/looseleaf

      • In groups, list 5 main events so far--identify Exposition/Inciting Incident

    • SRP p. 3 Ch. 2 Qu. 1- How does Brian respond to the big events so far in the story? (Include positive and negative ways.)

    • Sect. 1 Vocabulary Sentences-HW 

    • VW DUE - 35 points

Thursday – 11/4 Lesson 3: Characterization and Text Evidence

  • SRP p. 3 Qu. 2-3 SEEMs Const. Resp. Paragraph for each

  • SRP p. 11 Characterization Evidence Chart


  • Friday – 11/5Lesson 4-5: Character Development

    • Read Chapter 3  

      • Annotate for-  How does Brian change as plot events unfold?-Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes/note cards

    • Read Chapter 4  

      • Annotate for W.A.T- How do Brian’s words, actions, and thoughts help/ hinder his chance of survival. -Students who do not have own novel will make chart or use sticky notes./note cards

    • SRP p. 13-Practice gathering evidence forClaim/ SEEMs Const. Resp. 

    • SRP p. 4 Qu. 2 

    • Section 2 Vocab- Definitions/Parts of Speech



October 25th – 29th 

Please refer to the English Plans above! 

October 18th – 22nd 

*2nd Nine Weeks Upcoming Bonus Opportunity: 10pts. 

One JUMBO bottle of Clorox wipes 


**PLEASE be sure you have a copy of HATCHET by Gary Paulsen

on NOVEMBER 1st 

*Students will be annotating as we read! 

(100 pt. grade)





October 4th – 8th 

Monday – Compare and Contrast Themes  and discuss changes in the main character since the beginning of the novel. 

**Remember to continue writing a quick note for each poem daily. You will still have time to complete these after we complete the novel and begin the writing task. (100 point grade) 

Review important events, figurative language examples, and changes in Billie Jo (pages 153-184)

 Read “Dreams” pages 193-194 and Reread “On Stage” page 13  SRP pages 131-132 

**Introduce instructions for the OOTD NOVEL project – Due October 21st    Intructions will be posted in Google Classroom.         

Tuesday – Review poems, events, figurative language, and changes in Billie Jo’s relationhip with her father.

Read OOTD pages 207-227  – Identify figurative language, important events, character changes, etc..  continue QUICK NOTES for each poem. 

Wednesday – Review for the book test  – Sections 6/7

Quizizz Out of the Dust practice tests

Thursday – OOTD Book TEST – Sections 6/7

Continue to write quick notes for poems from pages 153-227 

Make up any tests or assignments needed...

Friday – Brainstorm/Organize information for the CWT – Culminating writing task – Begin the rough draft after fall break! 





Monday – No School

Tuesday – Emerging Themes – Discuss Perseverence and other themes from OOTD, Read OOTD pages 153-184, SRP pages 125 & OOTD p. 176 “Hope” 

*Homework- Complete your POV poem “Christmas Dinner Without the Cranberry Sauce” and Vocabulary Workshop Sections 6/7 (from last week!) 

*Continue working on quick notes for each poem in the book for homework throughout each week. You will have some time after we finish the book to complete any unfinished quick notes before it is checked. 

Wednesday – Review Vocabulary Workshop 6/7, Read “Okies” and View “Migrant Mother” video, begin SRP pgs. 126-128

Thursday – Vocabulary TEST Sections 6/7, share POV poem, “Christmas Dinner without the Cranberry Sauce” with partner/small group –  Read “Dreams” pgs. 193-194 and “On Stage” – Compare and Contrast the poems 

Friday – Read “USDA” pgs. 129-131, Read OOTD pages 195-206 and continue quick notes 


September 20th – 24th 

**See revisions starting Wednesday, September 22nd

Monday – Intro. to Vocabulary Sections 6/7, Read OOTD pages, review the novel, section 4 – pages 87-95, complete the “argumentative paragraph” – SRP pages 56-58, discuss “Letters from the Dust Bowl” SRP pages 74-85, read OOTD section 5 – pages 99-110.  (Homework – Begin writing quick notes for each poem on Monday night and complete the note taking by Friday)

Tuesday – Read OOTD pages 111-149 – Examine how the characters change – SRP pages 86-87 – Character Analysis Chart. 

Wednesday – Review OOTD poems from pages 99-149, locating and discussing figurative language, imagery, and vocabulary words. Work on Quick Notes in class if time permits. 

 Continue to complete the Character Analysis Chart SRP pages 86-87 (The chart will be uploaded to Google Classroom) Finish and turn in the chart by Friday. (50 point grade) 

Thursday – Review for book test – discuss important events, changes in the main characters, including figurative language throughout Winter 1935, continue the Character Analysis Chart (SRP pages 86-87) uploaded in GC       Begin a poem “Christmas Dinner Without the Cranberry Sauce” pages 100-101-  written from Daddy’s point of view. This is a great time to use your creativity as a writer.

Friday –  Book TEST – Sections 4/5, continue your Character Analysis Chart in GC for OOTD pages 86-87. After completing the Character Analysis Chart, begin a poem from “Daddy’s” perspective. 

(Document will be uploaded to Google Classroom for your final poem) 

** Vocabulary Workshop Sections 6/7 is due next Wednesday. The TEST will be Thursday, September 30th



Monday, September 13th -

Review SRP page 48 (Tone and Mood)  and students share examples of tone and mood from their poem choice…

Discuss section 2 of OOTD – Pages 55-69/ quicknotes

Lesson 12 – Identify connections between the novel and historical events while reading Summer 1934  

Lesson 13 –   “On Drought Conditions”  Audio in GC and SRP.  pg. 56-57. Take notes and compare to novel characters, setting, events, etc.  Use Kernel Sentence (content related to FDR, novel, etc) to create a sentence expansion from information in article or novel.  
Ex:  She died.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Sentence Expansion- In the wake of the grasshopper attack, Ma died in her bed from her severe burns after giving birth to Baby Franklin.

Tuesday, September 14th – Review Voc. parts of speech 
Section 4-5 Vocab Workshop   DUE Wednesday for a 35 point grade and continue lesson 13 – “On Drought Conditions” if not completed from Tuesday. 
Read Section 3 OOTD pgs. 70-84 – Complete quick notes for homework nightly.

Wednesday, September 15th – Check Vocabulary Sections 4/5
Lesson 14/15 Life in the Dust Bowl 
Read “Letters from the Dust Bowl.” SRP p. 74-85
SRP P. 71-73 “Letters from the Dust Bowl” 
Compare letters to our novel’s characters, settings, theme, etc. 
If time allows create a letter written from Billie Jo’s POV

Thursday, September 16th

-TEST – Vocabulary Sections 4/5 

Continue with Lesson 15: Compare and contrast the author’s purpose (Caroline Henderson’s Letter to President Roosevelt’s speech) 

If time allows, begin to read OOTD pgs. 87-95

Friday, September 17th - Novel TEST – Sections 2&3

Continue reading OOTD pages 87-95, discuss, and take quick notes 




Friday, September 10th – NO Sections 4/5 VOCABULARY TEST. It has been moved to next Thursday, September 16th 

Dust Bowl Timelines are due today! (50 points) SRP pages 37-39 





September 6th – 10th 

Monday – Labor Day Holiday! 

Tuesday – Vocabulary Sections 4/5 parts of speech review, READ pages 37-51 of Out of the Dust  – continue taking notes for homework if not completed in class (a work in progress) 

Review the excerpts on “The New Deal” and “The Great Depression” SRP pages 35-36 and begin the TIMELINE for the Dust Bowl – SRP pages 37-42 (Complete the Timeline by Friday, September 10th for a classwork grade) 

Wednesday – Continue to take notes from OOTD pages 37 – 51

SRP – Page 43 – Compare and Contrast Text Structures 

Lesson 10 – Understanding Characters – Complete Character Analysis Chart – SRP pages 44-46  (Stems) 

 Thursday – Check Vocabulary Workshop Sections 4/5, Lesson 11 – Analyze Tone and Mood (Review OOTD pages 40-51) SRP pages 47-48    READ Pages 55-69 – OOTD 

Lesson 12 – Begin a poem “On the Road with Arley” using a model 

Friday – Vocabulary Section 4/5 TEST  will be NEXT week!! 

Complete the TIMELINE of the Dust Bowl (partners/small groups)  and any quick notes from OOTD pages 37-51


 August 30th – September 3rd 

*We will check Vocabulary Workshop sections 2/3 on Thursday, September 2nd  

*We finished Section 1 of the novel, Out of the Dust (OOTD), last week. Students completed the Section 1 vocabulary workshop and book test on Google Classroom. Students who were absent are responsible for finishing their reading assignments and taking the TESTS on Google Classroom. 

Vocabulary workshop pages will be taken for a homework grade (35 points) If the page is completed and he/she makes corrections of anything missed during class, he/she will receive the 35 points. Students will lose points on any incomplete sections on the day we check the activity in class.  


*Monday, August 30th – No school due to inclement weather. 

Tuesday, August  31st-  I will make changes to the activities daily depending upon what we can complete in class due to no school on Monday. 

 (Tuesday, August 31) Monday,  – We will continue to follow the calendar of activities as closely as possible, but today we will go back to the (SRP) Student Activity Pages for Character Development (pages 5-8) and Figurative Language (pages 9-10) discuss and complete some of them together. Students will continue to complete these during the bellringer time at the beginning of class throughout the week. 

Please see the calendar below to follow the activities we will be working on during class! 

Lesson 4-5: Synthesize Info from Different Sources

  • Read “No Title”

  • SRP p. 11-13”No Title” and Two Texts Chart


  • 8/30 Lesson 6: Research Drought Years

    • Read “The Drought” SRP p. 20

    • SRP P. 14-19 and 21-26 Vocab Logs

Vocabulary Workshop Sections 2/3 were handed out on Friday, August 27th  – Any students absent on Friday need to ask for a copy! They are also located on Google Classroom.

  • HOMEWORK: Section 2/3 Vocab Workshop

  • 8/31 Lesson 7: Summarize our Understanding

    • Review “The Drought” Read “New Deal” and “The Great Depression.” SRP p. 20

    • SRP p. 27-30”The Drought” Summary/Drought! & 35-36 Excerpts of Encyclopedia Entries


    • Check DOL WEEK 3 

    • Complete the SRP page 13 –  “Two Texts Chart” after reading SRP – Page 11 “No Title” by Woody Guthrie 

    • Begin the Scavenger Hunt for NOUNS, Figurative Language, and the 4 Kinds of Sentences using the text, Out of the Dust. 

  • THURSDAY, September 2nd – 

  • Check OOTD Vocabulary Workshop Sections 2/3 

  • Continue the directions for the scavenger hunt and work on it with a partner or small group. Review NOUNS, Kinds of Sentences, & Fragments. 

  •  Lesson 7: Summarize our Understanding

    • Read “The Drought”    SRP p. 20

    • “New Deal” and “The Great Depression.” SRP 

    • Complete the Chart on SRP p. 27 ”The Drought” Summary/Drought! & work on 35-36 Excerpts of Encyclopedia Entries

        FRIDAY, September 3rd : Sections 2/3 Vocabulary TEST and DOL Week 3 TEST 

  •       Depending upon the time we have in class, we may begin... 

  •  Lesson 8: Timeline of Historical Events

    • SRP p. 37-42 Dust bowl Timeline   – The COMPLETED Timeline Chart will be added to Google Classroom for assistance and for students to check their work when necessary. 


August 23rd – 27th

We will begin reading our novel, Out of the Dust    

Wednesday – Vocabulary Workshop page will be checked in class 

Thursday – TEST Section 1 Vocabulary  & Novel TEST Section 1

Friday – After the ELA Benchmark test, continue to complete notes for OOTD section 1 and Complete SRP pages 5 – 8 after Character Development lesson.

Out of the Dust Calendar


SRP= Student Resource Packet

**Dates are tentative and subject to change if needed




  • FRIDAY - 8/20 Introduce Novel and Task

    • HOMEWORK: Section 1 Vocab Workshop

  • 8/23 Lesson 1: Examine Novel Structure

    • Read Section 1 p. 3-16 

    • SRP P. 3-4 Split Page Notes(ongoing through novel)

      • HOMEWORK: Section 1 Vocab Workshop

  • 8/24 Lesson 2: Character Development

    • Read Section 1 p. 17-33

    • SRP p. 5-8 Character Analysis Chart/Character Evidence Chart

  • 8/25 Lesson 3: Meaning through Figurative Language

    • SRP p. 9-10 Conversation Stems

      • TEST SECTION 1 Vocab.

  • 8/26 Lesson 4-5: Synthesize Info from Different Sources

    • Read “No Title”

    • SRP p. 11-13”No Title” and Two Texts Chart

  •  8/27 TEST- SECTION 1 (If we have chromebooks) if not, we will test on paper after Section 2 reading.



  • 8/30 Lesson 6: Research Drought Years

    • Read “The Drought” SRP p. 20

    • SRP P. 14-19 and 21-26 Vocab Logs

Pass out Vocabulary Section 2 -3

  • HOMEWORK: Section 2/3 Vocab Workshop

  • 8/31 Lesson 7: Summarize our Understanding

    • Review “The Drought” Read “New Deal” and “The Great Depression.” SRP p. 20

    • SRP p. 27-30”The Drought” Summary/Drought! & 35-36 Excerpts of Encyclopedia Entries 

  • 9/1 Lesson 8: Timeline of Historical Events

    • SRP p. 37-42 Dust bowl Timeline

  • 9/2 TEST:  Lesson 9: Compare and Contrast Info. Text Structures

    • SRP p. 43 Information Structures

  •  Section 2-3 Vocab 

  • Timeline will be taken for grade. 

  • 9/3 Lesson 10: Understanding Characters

    • Read Section 2 p. 37-39

    • SRP P. 44-46 Character Analysis Chart & Argument Sentence Stems 




  • 9/7  Lesson 11: Analyze Tone & Mood

    • Read Section 2 p. 40-51

    • SRP p. 47-48 Tone and Mood in “Spring 1934”

  • 9/8 Lesson 12: Write a Poem Using a Model

    • SRP p.49 Tone and Mood in “On The Road With Arley”

  • 9/9 Lesson 13: Connections--Novel and Historical Events

    • Read Section 3 p. 55-69

  • 9/10 Continue Lesson 13



  • 9/13  Lesson 13: CONTINUED

  •    Introduce Vocab Sections 4-5

  •  HOMEWORK-Section 4-5 Vocab Workshop     

  • Read Section 3 p. 70-84

  • 9/14 Lesson 14: Determining Message 

    • Read “On Drought Conditions” SRP P. 56-57

    • SRP p. 58 Argument Sent. Stems

  • 9/15 Lesson 14/15: Continue Lesson 14/Life in the Dust Bowl

    • Read “Letters from the Dust Bowl.” SRP p. 74-85

    • SRP P. 71-73 “Letters from the Dust Bowl” Comprehension Qu. 

  • 9/16 Lesson 15: Continued

    • TEST-Vocabulary Section 4-5

  • 9/17 Lesson 16:Compare & Contrast Author’s Purpose

  • Test Sections 2-3



  • 9/20 Lesson 17: Empathize with Characters

    • ReadSection 4 p. 87-95

    • Read Section 5 p. 99-110

  • 9/21 Lesson 18: Examine How Characters Change

    • Read Section 5 p. 111-149

    • SRP p. 86-87 Character Analysis Chart

  • 9/22 Lesson 19: Plan Argumentative Essay

    • TEST- Section 4-5

    • SRP p. 88-93 Argument Structure Organizer

  • 9/23 Lesson 20: Draft Argument Essay

    • SRP p.  94-101 Argument Sent. Organizer

    • SRP p. 102-103 Argument Sent. Stems and Transition Words.

  • 9/23 Lesson 21: Argument Essay Revision

    • SRP p. 120-121 Argument Revision and Editing Checklist

      • Essay will be taken for English Grade. 

  • 9/24  Lesson 22: Examine Word Choice

    • SRP p. 123-124 Character Analysis Chart

    • Read Section 6 p. 153-167 -Pass out Vocab 6-7



  • 9/27 Inservice Day - No Students

  • 9/28   Lesson 23:Uncover Emerging Themes

    • Read Section 6 p. 168-189

    • SRP p. 125 TP-CASTT “Hope”

      • HOMEWORK- Section 6-7 Vocab Workshop

  • 9/29 Lesson 24: Explore Accounts of Migrant Life

    • Read “Okies” and View “Migrant Mothers” SRP P. 126-128

  • 9/30 TEST- Section 6-7 Vocab Workshop Continue Lesson 24

  • 10/1 Lesson 26: Re-examine Themes

    • Read “USDA Photographer Rescues Destitute Farmworkers” SRP P. 129-131



  • 10/4 Lesson 27: Compare/Contrast Themes

    • Read “Dreams” P. 193-194 & “On Stage” p. 13

    • SRP P. 132-133 Character Analysis Chart

Pass out information on APPLE DAY and Projects!!

(100 point grade!) DUE October 21st! 

  • 10/5Lesson 28: Examine Themes Across Genres

    • SRP p. 134 TP-CASST

    • Read Section 7 p. 195-206

  • 10/6 Lesson 29: Making Predictions on Historical Facts

    • Read Section 7.  p. 209-227


  • 10/7  Lesson 30: Task Brainstorming

    • SRP p. 135-138 CWT Brainstorming Chart/Seems Chart

      • TEST- Section 6-7

  • 10/8  Lesson 30: Task Brainstorming/Plan and Outline



  • FALL Break 10/11-10/15  


  •  Lesson 31-32  : Plan and Write 1st Draft/Complete First Draft 

  • SRP p. 135-138 CWT Brainstorming Chart

  • 10/19 Lesson 32: Complete 1st Draft/Revisions 

  • 10/20 Final Draft DUE 

    • SRP p. 139-140 Argument Revision and Editing Checklist

      • ESSAY is 100 Point Grade.

  • 10/21 OOTD Projects DUE/ Presentations

  • 10/22 OOTD Projects Presentations/ APPLE DAY (only If Covid policies are not violated) 

                100 point Grade for Projects!!!!  


                         We made out OUT OF THE DUST!!!  

End of the Unit!!!  





Monday August 16th

  1. Introductions

  2. Rules (class and school)

  3. Drills (HR Only)

  4. Locations (library, cafeteria, boys side/girls side)

  5. School Fees PE Fees (HR only)

  6. School Supplies, novels, etc explained

  7. Lockers passed out (date TBA)

  8. Get to know you activity (teacher choice) if time allows


Wednesday August 18th 

  1. Go over any rules that were not covered on Monday.

  2. Set up binders, organize supplies, etc

  3. Pass out OOTD packets for binders

  4. Pass out resource pages (grammar, note taking symbols, corrections symbols etc.)

  5. Pass out Vocabulary Section 1 for OOTD (Go over section 1 and how VW works, then assign rest for HW)

  6. DOL Week 1 (Whole Class)

  7. If time allows….Teacher Choice of Activity----Mini activity of sentence review (naming parts of sentence, parts of speech, expansion).  Assessing what students know about sentences.  Figurative Language Mini Lesson


Thursday August 19th

  1. ELA GRADE LEVEL BENCHMARK Assessment for the beginning of the year 

  2. Figurative Language mini lessons 

  3. Demonstrate some of the notetaking/annotating with a Commonlit or cold read 

  4. Sentence expansion from simple sentences. Identify parts of speech, clauses, etc.  Mini review


Friday August 20th

  1. Bellringer 

  2. Lesson 1 Introduce Novel/Task - Do What Chart/Highlight Do words/Circle What Words

BUILDING BACKGROUND/Setting the stage for the novel

  1. Timeline of WW1, Great Depression, Dust Bowl, 

  2. Discuss The Great Depression video 

  3. Watch Nearpod on Dust Bowl- Discuss

  4. Watch Book Trailer

  5. Figurative Language mini lessons if time allows

  6. Sentence expansion from simple sentences. Identify parts of speech, clauses, etc.  Mini review



Re: ELA binder 

Students can set up their ELA binder on Tuesday at home before coming to school on Wednesday, or he/she may bring a 1 ½ to 2 inch binder, a set of 5 tab dividers, and a fine point Sharpie, I will be guiding all students to organize their binder on Wednesday at the beginning of class! 

Keeping binders and materials organized is VERY IMPORTANT in middle school. Thank you parents for your assistance with this at home! 


Mrs. Barfield – ELA Class Supplies    


     Mechanical Pencils or                      

     Pencil top erasers if you use regular #2


     Red pens for DOL, proofreading, etc…  

     (Keep one in your binder for daily use)


  1. Package of highlighters (multi-colored are preferred) 


     Blue or Black pens may be used (optional) 


(Qty.1) Package of lined paper - keep at home and add to your 

    binder as needed


(Qty.1) 2X2 any color Sticky Note pad for reading activities 


   (Qty.1) 1 ½ to 2 inch binder   (A one inch binder will be too small!) 


  1. (1 package) 5 tab dividers - See instructions below for labeling tabs ... 


     5-10 page protectors as needed for resource sheets or you can use TABS that have built in page protectors. 


SCHOOL REQEST ***(1) Chromebook carrying bag/case for each student 


 Binder Set Up with Tabs   


Add the following tabs to your binder, and please place them in the numbered order.

 *Suggestion - buy the tabs without the white labels. These often fall out of the actual tab. It is very easy to use a fine point Sharpie and create the following tabs: 


1- DOL 

2- Novel

3- (E) Resources 

4-(R) Resources

5- Writing 


*One of the MOST important things you can do to be more successful in 6th grade is to maintain an organized binder!!    :)