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6th Grade Reading Weekly Agenda


April 15th – 26th 

Our schedules depend upon completion times of 7th and 8th grade testing, so we will remain flexible this week. 

Monday:   Complete preview activities/book trailer before starting Chapter 1.            Classes will begin the novel, Tuck Everlasting.   Write down any difficult vocabulary words or ideas while reading for a whole class discussion. 

Tuesday:  Continue reading Tuck Everlasting      

Wednesday:  Continue reading Tuck Everlasting.

Thursday:  Continue reading Tuck Everlasting.  


Monday, April 22nd – NO SCHOOL – EASTER HOLIDAY 



May 13th – 20th 


Monday, May 13th – 

Students finished the book,Tuck Everlasting, last Thursday and began the movie on Friday. 

Today, complete the Vocabulary Test and continue the movie. 

Tuesday, May 14th – 

Complete the remaining section of the movie and complete a “Literary Elements” activity sheet.  


Wednesday, May 15th – 

Complete the literary activity sheet and write a 1st person POV letter from Winnie’s perspective. Review items for the Reading Final Exam. 


Thursday, May 16th – 

Final Exams – Class periods 5,6,7, & 8


Friday, May 17th – 

AWARDS DAY – 6th grade @ 8:30 


Monday, May 20th – 

Final Exams – Class periods 5,6,7, & 8