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6th Grade Reading Weekly Agenda



West Ridge Patriots 

You will see the attached calendar for ELA.  


Some students have already ordered some great Scholastic books for reading...  These orders will help me use bonus points earned to purchase chapter books for our classrooom! Thank you! 

See the reading calendar for the first 9th weeks below!  


**This letter below was given to all students on Wednesday, August 14th : 



Mrs. Barfield - ELA Room 112


I hope all of you had a wonderful, restful summer. I’m looking to getting to know you and enjoying a fantastic year of learning in ELA with all of my new PATRIOTS!!

*The following information should help guide you and your child through the school year:    

ELA Class expectations:

  1. Listen to directions.
  2. Enter the classroom quietly and prepared.
  3. Always do your best.
  4. Respect all teachers and peers.
  5. No excuses!

      *Required reading:

 1st 9 weeks:  Out of the Dust

2nd 9 weeks:  Hatchet

3rd 9 weeks:  If Stones Could Speak

*The SUPPLY LIST was handed out to students on Monday, August 12th. It will also be posted on my WR TEACHER page this week.

Students are REQUIRED to purchase a copy of the novels listed above. For now, I am opening a Scholastic Book Club order (Online only) to assist parents/students with a convenient way to purchase at a great price! Since we are beginning the novel on Monday, August 19th, the book orders must be placed by 6p.m.  on Sunday, August  18th. I will close the ordering window after that time and place the order so the books will be shipped immediately. Until they arrive, students will use the CLASS SET of novels.

Go to:


*Students may listen to the audio book of each novel on auditory reinforcement.        Ex…Search Out of the Dust Winter 1934.

* is a great resource for taking practice quizzes on the novel's vocabulary words and increasing comprehension. Once the student completes the quiz, it will grade it. You do NOT need to create an account.                    Type in the SEARCH bar:   barfieldreading   (all lower case – no spaces)

*We will visit the library next Wednesday, and Mrs. Burgess will give each student their Google email and password after orientation of computer and library use.

Students may visit the library before school in the mornings, at lunch, and assigned library times to check out a book. If they finish work early in class, reading their library book for enjoyment is expected. I will provide ONE open Scholastic Book Club order each 9 week period so students can have fun purchasing a book(s) for reading enjoyment!

**The following blog/website has a fantastic list of books by age range, genre, and interest!! I will give the information to all of my students, but please visit the site for yourself. It’s such a great resource!


*Reading grades will be earned from the following:

Novel tests, vocabulary, and other reading response activities, short- response tasks

Literary elements/skills: Ex… Plot, Main Idea, Theme, Figurative Language, etc…  


*English grades will be earned from the following:

Weekly grammar quiz/tests  and Writing Tasks from the required novel.

*Additional information:

NO CHEWING GUM in class. That is a SCHOOL RULE!

Cell phones MUST be Silenced or OFF at all times. If a phone rings during class, the phone will be sent to an administrator. *See OPSB policies/rules

Students are allowed to bring a clear water bottle daily.  Yetis or other colored bottles are not allowed unless they are kept in the lunch box or book bag at all times.

Please be aware that writing tasks and activities require more time to grade, so they may not be posted to the student progress center as quickly as other graded assignments.

Remind your child of proper hygiene. It's a good idea for students to keep an extra deodorant spray or stick in their P.E. locker or book bag in case they need to reapply after exercise.

Bonus point opportunities will be announced throughout the school year. They will be posted on Teacher Pages - Agenda or Documents. 

Q: Where do I find my child’s agenda for the week?

A: Go to the West Ridge Website. Above the large image in the center, you’ll see tabs. Search for TEACHER PAGES. Once you click here, you’ll see ALL teachers at West Ridge. Click on any teacher's name to see their weekly assignments.





Q: How do I see my child’s grades?

A: If your child is coming from an elementary school in Ouachita Parish, login should be the same as last year. Scroll down on the West Ridge website until you see QUICK LINKS to the right of the screen. Click on Student Progress Center. If your child is new to the parish, please contact Mrs. Burgess, our school librarian for assistance.

The best way to reach me is through email if you have any questions. (

My planning period is 1st hour, so if you email me after that time, I will most likely not be able to respond until after school.


Thanks in advance for your support at home.  I'm definitely excited and looking forward to a fantastic year with all of these wonderful 6th graders!


                                                                                                                 Mrs. Barfield









This week, all students will be reading a couple of supplelmental materials, which are labeled “Cold-Read Tasks”. They will read and answer questions related to each one and complete a short response item. These will be graded reading assessments that relate to or have similar themes to Hatchet.  

The cold-read tasks will use most of our ELA time for Tuesday and Wednesday. Any students absent on those days must make up the assessment the following day. 














1. SRP 1- Task Analysis

Definitions Vocab-HW

1. R&ACh. 1

2. SRP p. 2 & 9

Syn. Vocab-HW

1. R&A Ch. 2

2. Character Trait

SEEMs G.C. Para

3. SRP p. 3 #1

Sent. Vocab-HW

1. SRP p. 3 # 2-3

2. SRP p.11

Study Vocab-HW

1. Sec. 1 Voc. Test

2. R&A Ch. 3-4

3. SRP p. 13 & 4 #2

4. Definitions Vocab-HW







1. Ch. 1-4 Test

2. R&A Ch. 5

3. SRP p. 4 Qu. 1-2

Syn. Vocab-HW

1. R&A Ch. 5

2. SRP p. 5

Ch. 5 Qu. 3

Sent. Vocab-HW

1. R&A SRP p. 17-20

"What Would

Peter Do?

2. SRP p. 21

Study Vocab-HW

1. Sec. 2 Voc. Test

2. SRP p.5 Ch.5 #4.

-Use SRP p. 21

SEEMS para. GC






1. Intro Sect. 3 Voc.

2. R&A Ch. 6-7

3. SRP p. 5 Ch. 6-7 #1

Study Vocab-HW

1. R&A Ch. 7-8

2. SRP p. 5 Ch.6-8 #2

Study Vocab-HW

1. Ch. 5-8 Test

2. SRP p. 22-23

3. SRP p. 6 #1

Study Vocab-HW

1. SRP p. 24

2. SRP p. 6 #2-3

3. SRP p. 6 # 4

Study Vocab-HW

1. Sec. 3 Voc. Test

2. R&A Ch. 9-10

3. SRP p. 6

Ch. 9-10 #1

Thanksgiving Break






1. Intro. Section 4 Voc.

2. SRP p. 25

Study Vocab-HW

1.R&A Ch. 11-12

2. SRP p. 7 Ch. 11-12

Study Vocab-HW

1. R&A Ch. 13-14

Study Vocab-HW

1. TEST-Ch. 9-14

2. R&A Ch. 15

3. SRP p. 7 Ch.15

Study Vocab-HW

1. TEST-Sec. 4 Voc.

2. SRP p. 15

3. SRP p.7 Ch.15 #2

4. R&A Ch. 16

5. Intro. Sec5 Voc.






1. Review Sec. 5 Voc.

2. Finish Ch. 16

3. R&A Ch. 17

Study Vocab-HW

1. R&ACh. 18

2. SRP p. 29

Study Vocab-HW

1. Finish SRP P. 29

2. SEEMs Para in GC

Study Vocab-HW

1. TEST-Sec. 5 Voc.

2. R&A Ch. 19-ep

3. SRP p. 7-8

4. TEST-Ch. 19- Ep







1. Review for final

2. SRP P. 38

3.R&A SRP P. 32-33

4.SRP p. 37

5. Write Thesis

6. SRP p. 39

Work on Essay-HW

1.TEST-Hatchet Final

2. Rough Draft

Work on essay-HW

1.Peer Editing/

Revisions of


Work on Essay-HW

1. Revising cont.

2. Final Draft Due

1/2 Day- Finish

Final Draft if


Christmas Break






Culminating Activities- 

Teacher’s Choice

Culminating Activities- Teacher’s Choice

1. Cold Read Task

1. Cold Read Essay

1. Cold Read Essay revisions/Final Draft






Introduce Survival Pack Project- Due 1/17

Hatchet Book Jacket Group Project

Hatchet Book Jacket Group Project

Hatchet Book Jacket Group Project- Due

Survival Pack Presentations

-Peer Evals

*R&A= Read and Annotate

Chapter Annotation Guide

*If you do not have your own novel, you are required to complete this on a chart or note cards for each chapter.


Annotation topic:

Ch. 1

Characters Words (pink), Actions (green), & Thoughts (yellow)

Ch. 2

Characters Words (pink), Actions (green), & Thoughts (yellow)

Ch. 3

How does Brian change as plot events unfold?

Ch. 4

How do Brian’s words, actions, and thoughts help (green)

or hinder (orange) his chance of survival?

Ch. 5

What is Brian learning about survival?(green) Powerful words and phrases(pink)

"What Would

Peter Do?"

Main idea (green) and details (yellow) at each "Stop"

Ch. 6-8

What challenges does Brian face? (orange)

How does he respond to these challenges? (green)

Ch. 9-10

What survival skills is Brian Utilizing?

Ch. 11-12

What part of the text supports the idea that Brian is becoming

more confident in his ability to survive?

Ch. 13

What part of the text supports that Brian is learning about

himself and about survival?

Ch. 14

Brian recalls mistakes he has made.

What are these mistakes and what has he learned from them?

Ch. 15

What is "first meat" and what does Brian learn from this experience?

Ch. 16

What setbacks does Brian experience in Ch. 16? (orange)

How does Brian react? (yellow)

Ch. 17

How does Brian continue to show he has learned lessons about survival?

Ch. 18

What happens to the hatchet? (orange)

How does Brian react? (yellow)

Ch. 19

How does Brian react when he unpacks supplies from the plane?


What seems to be permanently different about Brian?

"Survival by

the Numbers"

Annotate for the actions from the event you chose that

support "Survival by the numbers."