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6th Grade Reading Weekly Agenda

February 4th – 8th 

****Students will need a shoe box or a small-medium size cardboard box for their Hatchet “Survival Pack” project coming up next week! Please make sure you have a box ready to use soon! 

****Bell Ringers will be on the board each day-question of the day about Hatchet

MONDAY:  Vocabulary Quiz is Friday – Make sure you are taking practice quizzes daily on QUIZLET! 

The Trifold is also known as the Hatchet Booklet / Organizer 

1. Ch. 9-14 Quiz

2. Begin reading ch. 15-epilogue and answer trifolds.


1. Read Ch. 15-epilogue

a. Complete trifold along with chapters


1. Read Ch. 15-epilogue

a. Complete trifold along with chapters


1. Ch. 15-Epilogue Quiz

a. Introduce Survival pack project. (Due Feb. 21)


1. Hatchet Set 2 vocab test.

a. Discuss  instructions for “Survival Pack” project upon completion.  

**Revised : February 11th – 15th  

 February 1 1: Vocab Set 2 Test · – Begin “A Cry in the Wild”  movie about Hatchet 

and complete the compare and contrast worksheet as we progress through the movie. 

 February 1 2: Continue “A Cry in the Wild” movie and compare/contrast worksheet 

 February 13th :  (15 minutes) Introduce the Hatchet Writing Task Organizer/ Begin working with small groups to discuss and complete it comparing Brian’s actions in the book to the strategies and tips in “Survival by the Numbers”  (GOOGLE CLASSROOM DOCUMENT) 

Complete the movie and compare/contrast sheet if not finished already!! 

*Compare/Contrast worksheet will be due next Wednesday, February 20th (50 points) 

February 14th:     CONTINUE the Hatchet Writing Task organizer – Fill in the information necessary on the GO. This organizer will be used when completing the culminating writing task, so make sure you complete it with as much important information as possible. 

 February 1 5th : NO SCHOOL-INSERVICE




 February 1 9: Begin Hatchet Book Jacket Project – (Small group collaboration) 

 February 2 0:  Continue the Hatchet Book Jacket Project  (Google Document) 

 February 2 1:  COMPLETE the Book Jacket Project 

 February 2 2:  Students create HOT questions relating to HATCHET for the upcoming SOCRATIC SEMINAR                  (Small group collaboration) 

Whatever is completed in class will be due for a grade for the 5th 6 weeks.