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Mrs. Perkins 6th Grade Reading and English Weekly Agendas


August 19-23, 2019  English

Daily Bellringer: DOL/Language skill practice

DOL (Hot Pink Workboo)  Week 2 DUE THURSDAY!! 50 points

WEEKLY TEST on skill (sent, fragments, common word mistakes)


Monday:  Introduce Study Guide for Sentences, Fragments, Common Word mistakes

Practice Yellow Workbook page. 1

Homework Grammar Practice worksheet 1-4 & 11-15

Language Link #1 Student Resource Section

Tuesday: Continue Sentences, Fragments, Common Word mistakes

Practice Yellow Wkbk. page 2 (½ page)

Homework Grammar Practice Worksheet 5-19 & 16-21

Language Link #2

Wednesday:  Sentences, Fragments, Common Word mistakes

Practice Yellow Wkbk Page 2 (½ page)

Check HW

Whiteboard Activitiy with Task cards

Language Link #3

Thursday:  sent, fragments, common word mistakes

Review for test

Language Link #4

CHECK DOL!!!  50 points for completion

Friday :Weekly Test 100 points today!!!  













August 19-23, 2019

Vocabulary Workshop Begins on Monday.  Daily Homework assgined on VW sheet that is passed out each Monday. 

Monday:  Mentor Sentence of the week introduced (Student Resource Pack- SRP)

Analyze the Culminating Writing Task and Rubric for Out of the Dust (OOTD)

Do What Chart for Task

Videos of Dust Bowl to build background – note taking

Begin novel pages 3-16

Tuesday:  Mentor Sentence

Examine the Novel Structure – Read 3-16

Use Split Notetaking sheet (ongoing throughout the novel) SRP

HW Vocabulary Wkshop

Wednesday:  Mentor Sentence

Character Development- Character Analysis/Character Evidence Chart 

from SRP

Read pages 17-33

Thursday:  Mentor Sentence

Figurative Language meaning 

SRP pg. 9-10 Conversation Stems

TEST Section 1 Vocabulary

Friday:  Mentor Sentence

Synthesize information from different sources

Read “No Title” SRP pg. 11-13 and 2 texts chart

TEST Section 1 of novel





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