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Girl's PE

August 29 we will start dressing out for a grade!  All students should have a uniform in their locker by Monday and be ready for the first day of dressing out.  Students also need to make sure they have socks and tennis shoes each day or they will not be allowed to dress out or participate on that day.  If there is a finacial reason for not purchasing the PE uniform ot paying the PE Fee, please email your student’s teacher.  

Grading Policy:  Each week students will begin with 100 points for dressing out.  If they do not have ALL parts of the uniform (PE Shirt, PE Shorts, Tennis Shoes, Socks) then they will have 20 points deducted each day.

                          Each week students will also begin with 50 points for participation.  If a student does not dress out then they cannot participate and will have 10 points deducted from this grade.  Students can also have 

                          points deducted for being late to roll call, not stretching, and not playing the game scheduled for the day.

                          Written Test and Skills Test:  Each 9 weeks we will give a written test and a skill test over one of the games we have played.  These test will cover major skills needed to play the game and the written test will 

                          cover the rules of the game.


Please remember that there is a PE Fee of $15 that must be paid by ALL students taking PE.  This fee allows us to purchase new PE equipment each year so our students have everything they need to play various games throughout the year!

PE Uniform Fee is online through West Ridge Middle School