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6th Grade Social Studies Weekly Agenda


Monday, December 9

Bell RInger Week 16 Monday 

Review Ancient Greek Map –  Test Wednesday, December 11

Review Greek Vocabulary- Test Thursday, December 12

Greek Democracy Resource Sheet #15-19

Persia’s Empire & Persian Wars

Resource Sheet #20-25


Tuesday, December 10

Bell Ringer Week 16 Tuesday

Review Ancient Greek Map- Test Tomorrow

Review Greek Vocabulary- Test Thursday 

The Rule of Pericles & the Peloponnesian Watr 

Resource Sheet 26-30


Wednesday, December 11

Bell Ringer Week 16 Wednesday 

Review Greek Vocabulary- Test Tomorrow 

Greek Map Test 

Greek Beliefs/Mythology /Art/Architecture

Resource Sheet 31-38 

Class Discussion Questions


Thursday, December 12

Bell RInger Week 16 Thursday/Friday  

Ancient Greek Vocabulary Test 

Olympic Games 

Greek Thinkers 

Resource Sheet 39-41


Friday, December 13 

Teacher Inservice- No Students