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6th Grade Social Studies Weekly Agenda

I am so excited to be posting my first agenda for the 2019-20 school year! I hope to challenge your students, build their confidence, and see them reach new levels of knowledge and understanding in social studies! Based upon the comprehension and speed at which the students cover the material we could be a few pages ahead or behind at a given date.

Monday (19)

  • Students receive their yearly bellringer for their binder- we will not be working in it this week.
  • Students receive their student resource book which will be refered to as SRB throughout the year
  • Review Patriot Code 
  • Review World Map
  • Review Unit 1 Review Vocabulary 
  • Recieve Key Themes that will go in student’s binder 
  • Begin discussing “What is a Civilization from pg. 2-8 in SRB- Define Civilization
  • Characteristics of Civilization SRB Page 9

Tuesday (20)

  • Patriot Code Quiz
  • PPT- on Characteristics of Civilization 
  • Complete Characteristics of Civilization Chart SRB Pg. 9
  • Geographical Factors that Affect Development SRB Pg. 11-12
  • Complete Graphic Organizer from Page 10 

Wednesday (21)

  • Review Vocabulary & World Map 
  • Complete the previous assignment if we didn’t yesterday
  • Read Why Do Civilizations Collapse SRB 13-18
  • Class Discussion Questions 
  • T-Chart Activity (if time) Pg. 22

Thursday (22)

  • World Map Test 
  • Complete Graphic Organizer Factors of Civilization T-Chart SRB Pg. 22
  • Unit One Topic One Essential Questions- Answer questions in groups 

Friday (23)

  • Unit One Vocabulary Test 
  • Complete Unit One Topic One Key Questions 
  • Begin Discussing Unit One Topic Two Early Humans 
  • SRB Pg. 24-32 Climatologists, Archaeologists, & Geologists