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Daily Schedule

Mr. Tassin’s Daily Schedule

BEFORE SCHOOL: Students begin arriving at 7:30. Students sit quietly in their assigned seat until bell rings at 7:53 and will work on the bellringer assignment.

*No cell phones, food, or drinks should be out or visble. (In backpacks.)

Here is a guide to give you an estimate of what class will look like on most days.

  1. Students begin on bellringer once they arrive
  1. Discuss bellringer
  1. Review previous day’s material
  1. Introduce content for the day
  1. Discuss content
  1. Students practice on the content with an activity
  1. Recap over the goals for the day

WRMS Bell Schedule

1st period. starts at 7:53am

2nd period starts at 8:44am

3rd period starts at 9:35am

4th period starts at 10:26am

5th period starts at 11:17am

Lunch 12:05pm -12:27pm

6th period starts at 12:30pm

7th period starts at 1:21pm

8th period starts at 2:12pm