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8th Grade Language Arts Weekly Agenda:



Burford’s Agenda for 09/28-10/02

Tests/Grades:      English- DOL test week 2 and 3

                                LA- Summary charts 10-12


BR- DOL- Week 4- Monday

  1.  DOL Test (open notes)
  2.  Preposition notes/practice
  3.  Allow time to work on or study literary term notecards
  4.  Teacher will model and discuss writing claims using SODA strategy
  5.  Students will write a claim using the SODA strategy.  Based on what you read in PR 1-9, write a claim on whether the surgery improved his life or worsened his quality of life. 

SODA- Is your claim Specific, Original, Defensible, and Arguable. ...

  1.  Read and annotate PR 10
  2. Begin summary chart

Hw-  Notecards due tomorrow



BR- DOL- Week 4- Tuesday

  1.  Turn in notecards
  2. District mandated Benchmark test
  3. POV Practice
  4. Work on finishing PR 10 and summary chart

HW- finish PR 10 summary chart and study literary terms


BR- DOL- Week 4- Wednesday

  1.  Prep. Phrase practice
  2. Read and annotate PR11
  3. Discuss biblical allusion “Garden of Eden”
  4. Compare/contrast story of Charlie and Garden of Eden
  5. Complete summary chart

Hw-  Finish PR 11; Study literary terms



BR- DOL- Week 4- Thursday and Friday

  1.  Prep. Phrase practice
  2.  Literary term review
  3. Read and annotate the first half of PR 12
  4. Complete summary chart for first half

Hw- Make sure charts for 10-11 are completed



BR- Study DOL

  1.  Literary term review/practice
  2.  Finish the rest of “FfA”
  3. Finish PR 12 and summary chart
  4. Discuss ending
  5. Take vote on improved and worsened
  6. Theme activity on p.91 of packet (if time)