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8th Grade Language Arts Weekly Agenda:



Tests/Grades:      Tuesday- SVA Rules test (English); Ch. 3 &4 test (Language Arts)

                                Wednesday- Timed cold read assessment (Language Arts)

                                Thursday- SVA application test (English)  



Bellringer-  SVA practice (side J from last week’s worksheet) 

  1.  Pass out last week’s tests and go over
  2. Complete class flow chart of ch. 3 owners and dogs
  3. Compare incident/evidence chart of ch. 3 (for essay)
  4. Read ch. 4 and answer guiding questions (partner)

HW-  Study for SVA RULES test tomorrow and finish all of ch. 4




BR- Study rules

  1. SVA RULES test
  2.  Complete incident/evidence chart for ch. 4 for essay (p. 28)
  3. Complete class flow chart of ch. 4 owners and dogs
  4. Ch. 3 and 4 Test
  5. Work on google scrapbook

HW- Make sure everything for ch. 3-4 is completed



BR- SVA practice

  1. Timed Cold Read Assessment (lesson 22; ch. 5-excerpt)
  2. Work on google scrapbook
  3. (If time) Assign each row one of the SVA rules, and have them create a sentence with that rule. 

HW- Review over worksheets for SVA application test



  1.  SVA test- application
  2. Read the remainder of ch. 5
  3. Complete the class flow chart of owners and dogs
  4. Incident/Evidence chart ch. 5
  5. Begin reading and annotating Ch. 6