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8th Grade Language Arts Weekly Agenda:


Burford’s WEEKLY AGENDA:  February 11-14

Writing task:

How can an author use character development and plot events to develop a theme such as bridging the gap among social classes through adversity?  After reading The Outsiders, write a literary analysis essay in which you explain how S. E. Hinton develops the theme of “bridging the gap among social classes” through a character’s development and pivotal moments throughout the novel.  Support your discussion with text evidence from the novel. 

TUESDAY:   Bellringer- Pre-reading survey

  1. Review expectations with students on this novel study ( Read assigned parts daily, complete summary charts, participate in discussions, and understand that make-up work is mandatory) 
  2. Begin reading chapter 1 aloud –annotating and making notes as we read.  
  3. Annotate p. 15.  What is the allusion?  Why is it important?  Read the 3rd paragraph of pg. 16.  What does this say about Darry’s family values? 

HW:  Reread/review ch. 1 and novel notes   



  1. Pass out chapter summary charts and complete chapter 1 together.  TTW model so that students can see what the expectations are. 
  2. Chapter 1-- Character relationship worksheet (add to folder)

3.     Begin reading chapter 2 (if time)

Exit ticket- How does the text on p. 33-34 reflect the fact that violence might be a necessary part of life for these characters?

HW:    Study novel notes


  1. Read chapter 2 and annotate p. 33-352
  2. Chapter 2 review worksheet
  3. Idioms worksheet
  4. Homework- finish any of the above!!


 Bellringer-   Begin working on summary chart for ch. 2 (mix-pair-share) 

  1.  Allow students to group up and complete chart for ch. 2 and pair up with someone not in the group to compare evidence and answers.
  2. TTW go over answers for chart

Exit ?-  On p. 45, Cherry says she won’t say hi to Pony if she sees him in the hall.  Do you think she is just being honest or do you think this statement proves who she really is?  Support position with text evidence.  ( students will place post-its on the side of the board they agree with)