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8th Grade Language Arts Weekly Agenda:

Activities for week of 4/27

Parents:  To avoid confusion….the only way your child will get BONUS is to complete the i-ready assignments.  The Zoom lesson each week will be used as supplemental work to review grammar and discuss The Outsiders if your child is interested. The zoom lessons for my classroom will not be used as part of the bonus.  

Monday- 5/4  Zoom lesson 2:00-2:45

  1.  DOL sentence (correct punctuation) 
  2. Expand a sentence using adjectives, adverbs, clauses, and phrases.
  3. Analyze an excerpt for figuartive language
  4. Hero discussion using the chat.

Wednesday- 5/6  Zoom lesson 2:00-2:45

  1.  Grammar review (DOL questions)
  2. Part of speech practice 
  3. Discuss plot and literary elements of ch. 9-10
  4. Answer discussion questions using the chat room.