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Welcome to WRMS Art with Mrs. Leach!


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Welcome to the WRMS Art Classroom!

I am so grateful that I get the experience of teaching your child this year!  We will be primarily working with non-standard school supplies, so it is essential that I receive a mandatory Art fee to fund the purchases of art supplies for your child in bulk to make their experiences in Art class be amazing! In addition, your child will need pencil, a sketchbook (8.5” x 11” or 9” x 12”), with 50 or more sheets, and one cleaning supply.

Supplies for ALL grades :               

$20 Art Fee

Pencils & Pink Pearl eraser


Clorox wipes (May need again at midterm!)


Sketchbook: Students will have one drawing per week, which will not be accepted after Friday each week. Students will receive a weekly sketchbook grade for each assignment completed, graded for accuracy         and “full page” specifications. (50 points per week) These will be done outside of class this year for “off days” while on A/B Schedule, or in class         when we transition to all being in class full time.

Tests: Students will have tests on Elements and Principles of Design and occasionally as needed.

Projects: Projects will vary in point value. They will be graded by rubric which will be provided at the time the assignment is given and be completed in class. 

WHILE ON A/B Schedule: All project assignments will be explained during in class instruction, but Sketchbook documents will be found on our Google Classroom.  Students will turn in their Sketchbook assignments by submitting pictures to the Google Classroom  “Assignments” correctly labeled for the Sketchbook entry which they are submitting.  

Other Things to Note:

As a fundraiser, WRMS Art collects “Community Coffee Points” that are found on every package of Community Coffee you buy.  I’m sure that you all will be drinking lots of coffee like me this year! So, if you can, please collect the points (and have neighbors/family members, etc. collect too) and send them my way to help fund our art classroom supplies! THANKS SO MUCH!

To help provide a “window” into my classroom, I host an instagram page where no students' names or faces are shown in order to protect privacy, but student work is displayed so that you can take a glimpse into the fun things your child is creating!  Follow us @patriotcreatives on Instagram! (No communication is conducted through this platform.)

Thank you!

Mrs. Leach




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