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7th Grade Weekly Agenda

(*All notes will be copied in class and any handouts will be given in class as well; Notes will be posted on google classroom for absent students. Notes will be updated daily and will include all handouts, videos, and information from class)

Week of 11/29 – 12/3

Monday 11/29 – Determining Causes of Large-scale Precipitation

  • Students will review over all ideas of causes of storms and how particles interact.
  • Students will review over weather data and create models to determine causes of large-scale precipitation.

Tuesday 11/30 – Comparing and growing discussion from yesterday’s data observations.

  • Students will compare observations with other students to find patterns of weather data.
  • Students will develop new questions and investigations to fully unerstand weather and climate.

Wednesday 12/1 – Patterns of Air Mass Movement

  • Students will observe air and precipitation data in the US, then observe global data.
  • Students will make predicitons of how oceans may affect air masses.

Thursday 12/2 – Oceans Affecting Precipitation

  • Students will work together to create a consensus model to determine movement of air masses. 
  • Students will observe and analyze ocean temperature data. 
  • Students will complete a close reading activity to determine how the ocean changes our weather. 
  • Students will complete an exit ticket to demonstrate their understanding of the lesson question thus far. 

Friday 12/3 – Oceans Afecting Precipitation Cont. + Update Progress Tracker.

  • Students will summarize findigns from yesterday’s close reading activity. 
  • Students will analyze precipitation data for coastal cities and revise our class concensus model. 



Unit 2: Weather, Climate, and Water Cycling

**Comprehensive Unit Exam is Wednesday, December 8th

This will include:

Unit weather project

Online test including multi-select questions, multiple choise, drag-and-drop, and written response.