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Weekly Agenda

11/29 Monday

-Analyze domestic challenges facing Washington’s administration

-Jigsaw read sources on domestic challenges (Whiskey Rebellion, Native American Policy, George Washington: Domestic Affairs)

-Complete the “Domestic Challenges facing the New Nation” graphic organizer( 142)

-Class discussion on the domestic challenges facing the Washington administration

11/30 Tuesday

-Analyze and explore early financial problems in the United States and discuss how Alexander Hamilton proposed to fix them.

-Read “Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan” (145)

-Determine the meaning of some unfamilar words in the text (145)

-Complete “Analyzing Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Program” graphic organizer (147)

-Discussion on the parts of Hamilton’s Financial Plan

12/1 Wednesday

-Examine the political differences between the first two political parties through their leaders: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

-Read “Growing Opposition” (148)

-Complete “Political Division in America” graphic organizer (150)

-Discuss differences between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

-Read “Two Enduring Viewpoints Compete” (151)

-Complete “Hamilton vs. Jefferson” graphic organizer (153)

-Students determine whose view of America they agree with. Jefferson or Hamilton why?

12/2 Thursday

-Define the words foreign and domestic

-Read “John Adams: Domestic Affairs” (154)

-Complete “Domestic Challenges Under President Adams” graphic organizer (155)

-Discuss the domestic challenges facing the Adams administration

12/3 Friday

-Read “The XYZ Affair” (156) 

-Complete “Analyzing the XYZ Affair” graphic organizer (157)

-Discuss the domestic challenges facing the Adams administration. 

12/6 Monday

-Examine Thomas Jefferson’s political views about government

-Read “Jefferson in Power” (158)

-Complete “Jefferon in Power: Analyzing Jefferson’s Political Views” graphic organizer (160)

-Discuss Jefferson’s goals as President

12/7 Tuesday

-Use a “Marbury v. Madison (1803)” to explore the Marbury v Madison case and determine the impact it had on Jefferson’s presidency, as well as the everlasting impacts on our nation’s judicial system.

-Read “Marbury v. Madison (1803)” (162)

-Complete “Jefferson and the Federal Courts” graphic organizer (164)

-Discussion on the lasting impacts of the landmark case of Marbury v. Madison

12/8 Wednesday

-Explore sources related to the Louisiana Purchase to better understand how the Republicans and the Federalists felt about Jefferson’s decision to expand the U.S

-Observe “Map of U.S Territorial Growth 1800” (166) and “Map of U.S Territorial Growth 1810” (167)

-Determine what each map displays

-Read “Westward Expansion: The Louisiana Purchase” (168)

-Complete “Analyzing the Louisiana Purchase” handout (171)

-Discuss the impacts of the Louisiana Purchase

12/9 Thursday

-Lewis and Clark activity

12/10 Friday 

-Teacher inservice (No Students)