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Weekly Agenda

Monday 4/3

-Complete Bellringer

-Read The Failure of Compromise (page 281)

-Complete Textual Analysis of the Failure of Compromise (page 285)

Tuesday 4/4

-Complete Bellringer

-Read The Dred Scott Decision (page 287)

-Complete Analyzing the Dred Scott Decision graphic organizer (page 289)

Wednesday 4/5

-Complete Bellringer

-Read The Lincoln-Douglass Debates passage (page 290)

-Complete Examining the Lincoln Douglass Debates graphic organizer (page 292)

Thursday 4/6

-Complete Bellringer

-Read Harper’s Ferry (page 293)

-Complete Analyzing the John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry graphic organzier (page 295)

-Take test on Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Kansas Nebraska Act, Failure to Compromise, Dred Scott Decision, Lincoln Douglass Debates, and Harpers Ferry.

Friday 4/7

-Good Friday Holiday