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WRMS Yearbook 8th Grade Student Ad Sales


Parents/Guardians of 8th Grade Students,


            The yearbook includes a special section in the 2021-22 yearbooks for 8th graders ONLY. If you would like to purchase an ad for your 8th grade student, please fill out the following information and return it to Mrs. May in room 100.  NOTE:  We can only accept online payments at this time, no cash or checks.  In addition, the price is for the ad ONLY it does not include the purchase of a yearbook.  Purchasing a yearbook must be done SEPARATELY and later in the year!


The Yearbook Staff can either create your student ad, or you can submit a pre-made designed one (JPEG or PNG only).  Once your ad is ready to be produced, you may submit it anytime throughout the sale period.  SALE begins:  Monday, August 31st  and the DEADLINE ends Friday, October 29th.  There will be NO extending the deadline, payment must be made by the October 29th, please plan accordingly.  Please note NO REFUNDS will be allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Submit one form for each ad you purchase.  Forms can be obtained by contacting Mrs. May in room 100, or download one from our page on Messenger.  Email me if you have any questions:, thank you so much for your SUPPORT!



8th Grade Student’s Name _____________________________________________

                                          (Write the student’s name how it will appear on the ad)


Homeroom Teacher:  __________________________________


Contact Information


Your Name:  __________________________ Phone Number:  ________________________


Email Address: ______________________________________________________________



Ad Sizes:


_____ ¼ - $70.00 – 1 picture with maximum of 50 words OR

                                2 smaller pictures with a maximum of 25 words


_____ ½ - $125.00 – Up to 6 small pictures OR 1 medium picture with a maximum of 40 words


_____ Full Page $180.00 – Up to 10 small pictures OR 2 medium pictures OR 1 large picture

           with a maximum of 50 words



  • Pre-made student photo collages /ads are acceptable, but they must fit within the ad size chosen below.  Any pre-made collages/ads submitted must be in JPEG or PNG format ONLY!  No PDF’s.


  • If you desire for the yearbook staff to create/design your ad, please send all pictures on a flash/jump drive or email pictures to



  • All flash drives will be returned to the student at the end of the year.



If you choose to submit a pre-designed ad, please make sure it will fit in the following dimensions:













3 ½


4 ½





7 ½


4 ½





7 ½


9 ½



In an envelope, please include with this sheet:

  • Flash drive, or e-mail pictures and message to
  • Name of student on flash drive
  • A typed message to place in the ad
  • Payment – use the OSP on West Ridge’s Home Page (scroll down to you see the link for Yearbook Ads)






**Please note NO REFUNDS will be allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS