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6th Grade SS Weekly Agenda

Hawthorne 6th Grade Social Studies Lesson Plan 2022-2023 West Ridge Middle School

Subject/Grade: 6th Grade Social Studies

Dates: August 22-26, 2022

Periods: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, & 7th

Lesson Length: 55 Minutes


Unit Title: Early Humans: Survival & Settlement

Topic: Geography, Influences on Civilization, & Early Humans


Modifications/Accommodations: See front of lesson plan book for individual accommodations. Preferred seating, test & directions read aloud, directions highlighted, and peer tutoring


Student Materials: Student Resource Book, Binder, Handouts from teacher, Writing utensil, Highlighters 

Classroom Materials: Promethean board, Marker boards, Maps, Crayons/ color pencils

Assessment Styles:

Informal: Teacher observation, Teacher/peer led questioning/discussion Class activities

Formal: Unit tests, Vocabulary tests, Group assignments, Constructive response writings

Individual/Cooperative Groups:

Individual: Student discussion in class, Student testing/writings

Cooperative: Individual discussion becomes whole class learning through individual ideas.

Reteaching/Enrichment: Tutor time, small group review, peer teaching/reteaching during discussion, bell enders

GLE’s: 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.3.4, 6.4.1, 6.4.2, 6.4.3,   6.3.1, 6.3.2, 6.6.2

Companion Document Annotations: 1A1, 1B1, 1C1, 1D2, 1E1, 1F1, 1F2,  

Learning Objective: (TLWL)

To define civilization

To explain examples of factors that make up a civilization

To determine if a factor was positive/negative in the creation of a civilization.  


Activities/Tasks: Instructional steps found in the LADOE Scope & Sequence



  1. Review Map/Vocab
  2. Review the term civilization
  3. Complete Discussion SRB Pg. 3-8
  4. Characteristics of Civilization Handout replaces SRB Pg. 9 (Annotate)
  5. Read & Discuss PG. 11-12
  6. Work on  Pg. 10 Graphic Organizer






  1. Complete & Discuss Graphic Organizer on Pg. 10
  2. Read/Annotate SRB. Pg. 13-14 (Together)
  3. Row 1&2 Pg. 15,16, Row 3&4 Pg. 17,18, Row 5&6 Pg. 19-21
  4. Take notes on 7 questions on hand out



  1. Map Test
  2. Review Vocab
  3. Complete Notes from the Handout
  4. T-Chart SRB Pg. 22
  5. Complete for Homework if not complete in class


  1. Vocabulary Test
  2. Latitude & Longitude (Extra)


  1. T-Chart Due
  2. Answering of Key Questions
  3. Geology, Archaeology, & Climatology (handout) SRB Pgs. 24-26 




Essential Questions

  1. What is a hemisphere and why does that determine things about where you live?
  2. What are basic characteristics shared by civilizations?
  3. How are civilizations changed by various factors?



Unit Task Question


Based on your knowledge of social studies and the sources provided, how do environmental changes impact human life and settlement?