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7th Grade Math

Mrs. Chrislip’s 7th Grade Math Syllabus



  1. Pencils
  2. 2 Composition Notebooks
  3. A Highlighter
  4. Red Pen
  5. 1 pkg. colored pencils
  6. 1 set of Earphones/Earbuds
  7. 1 pkg. of sheet protectors (small pack)
  8. 1 plastic folder with brads and pockets
  9. ***Girls:  1 container of Wipes
  10. ***Boys:  1 Box of Kleenex
  1. Complete ALL assignments.
  2. Bring all materials to class every day.
  3. You must Try!
  4. Respect your teachers, classmates, school equipment, and yourself!
  5. Always do your best!


  1. GRADES:

Each nine weeks you will receive several test grades.Major tests will count as 100 points. Quizzes will count as 25-50 points.Bell work and notebook checks will be taken for grades. Homework and other class assignments will be graded for completion only. Expect Homework every night!Check the agenda on google classroom or messenger daily if you forget what the homework is or if you are absent from class.



I will check attendance every day. All assignments will be posted in the classroom as well as on the google classroom page.It is the student’s responsibility to get any missed assignments and make sure they are turned in on time.Students will have one day for each day they missed to make up work.If you do not make it up in the allotted time, you will be given a zero.You are responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to make up any missed work prior to the end of the 9 weeks.


                       Please email me with any questions!