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7th Grade Social Studies Weekly Agenda

7th Grade Social Studies

Week of Jan. 20-24


Monday- No School (MLK day)


Tuesday- Transportation Revolution videos

Read and annotate Transportation Revolution handout

Transportation Revolution graphic organizer


Wednesday- Grand Conversation: Transportation Revolution handout

Writing prompt:  How did the Transportation Revolution help shape our nation’s identity?


Thursday- Immigration

Study the 4 charts on p. 221-222

Answer the following questions:

  • What 3 groups immigrated to the U.S. in the largest numbers?
  • What year showed the largest number of immigrants coming to the U.S.? Why?
  • Which 2 port cities saw the largest number of immigrants enter the U.S.? Why?
  • Why was there such a large number of undocumented or “not specified” immigrants entering the United States from 1841-1860?
  • What might have caused the rapid decline in immigrants entering the U.S. from 1851-1860?


Read Irish and German Immigration p. 223-225

Complete p. 226 US immigration 1840-1860


Friday- Read Leaving Europe p. 227-228

Complete the Split-page notes on p. 229


*All graphic organizers will be taken up for a grade

Week of Jan. 13-17

7th Grade American History

Unit 4: Expansion and Conflict

Claim:  How does growth shape a nation’s identity?


Monday- Gallery walk with discussion questions on readings from p.213-219.  Each group is responsible for teaching their topic through presentation of the gallery walk.  Followed by class discussion and PowerPoint. 


Discussion questions:  What were the political and social reasons for annexing the Oregon territory, as well as California, Texas, and New Mexico? What was the economic reason for annexing these territories? What role did “Manifest Destiny” play in American territorial expansion? Do you think it was destiny for America to expand west? Why or why not? Did America expand its borders at the expense of other groups? Was this justified?


Tuesday- Read p. 245 North vs. South. 

  • Groups will underline information detailing the difference between the North and South’s economies
  • Class Discussion: 
    • How was agriculture different in the North and the South?
    • How was transportation different?
    • What were the main economies in the North?  South?

Students write a paragraph on economic and social differences between the North and South.  Students should use both maps (p. 244) and the article (p. 245) to support their claims.


Wednesday- Define Industrialization.



a. the large-scale introduction of manufacturing, advanced technical enterprises, and other productive economic activity into an area, society, country, etc.


b. conversion to the methods, aims, and ideals, of industry and economic activity, particularly of an area that was previously underdeveloped economically.


Review p. 245 North and South


Begin jigsaw reading activity. Each group will be assigned one article and will be responsible for becoming an ‘expert’ on it.   Articles are as follows:

The Rise of American Industry p. 247-248

The First American Factories p. 249-251

The South’s Economy p. 252-253

The Crowning of King Cotton p. 254-255


Thursday- Students will continue jigsaw activity. 

Students will participate in a gallery walk of each group’s article.  Complete p. 256 Analyzing America’s Divided Economy.

Class discussion, if time:

  • What was the driving force of the economy in the North? South?
  • What is a corporation, and why was the creation of corporations so important for manufacturing?
  • How are these economies dependent on each other?  How are they divided?
  • What are some economic benefits of industrialization and manufacturing? What are some drawbacks?
  • What are some of the economic benefits of agriculture and slavery?  What are some drawbacks?
  • How did each region’s economy impact social views?


Friday- Students will finish the class discussion from Thursday.

Students will write a paragraph answering the following question:  How was each region’s economy different, and why was America’s economy divided?    

Begin reading assignment:  The Transportation Revolution. (The reading will be handed out in class.)

*All graphic organizers for the week will be turned in for a grade