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8th Grade History Weekly Agenda

Mrs. Bishop’s Class

8th Grade Social Studies

Info about me:  Laura Bishop

Graduated from NLU in 1991

30 years in education

7th Year at West Ridge



  1.  As students come into the class each day, there will be a bell ringer on the board. The students will copy and answer the questions. At the end of the week, these will be taken up for 10/20 pts. I will go over the directions many times with the students, and I do expect them to be done correctly to receive all the points. 

  2. Vocabulary tests, comprehension tests, and classwork will each be worth 50 -100 pts.

  3. I will also be assigning online work and vocabulary notecards for grades.

The students will be given plenty of time and instruction for assignments and tests. They will need to study and do their work!! Any school work they don’t finish at school, they need to finish at home.


Binder (may be one they are using for another class if there is space)

Paper, pens, highlighters, notecards, colored pencils

I would appreciate a bottle of GermX  (the Germ-X brand) and a box of tissue too!!:)

I am glad you are here!   Please email me with any questions or concerns.