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8th Grade History Weekly Agenda

Dec. 2-6

Civil War

We will finish the causes of the Civil War timeline.

We will be taking notes this week in class and taking an open notes test Friday, Dec.6. If you are absent you are responsible for getting these notes from someone. 

Class work will be taken up weekly for grades. We do an activity a day, and I keep a list on the board for the kids to keep up with! Whatever they don’t finish in class, they may finish at home.

Bell Ringer is a weekly grade (10-50pt)

**Next map test on Parishes and Parish Seats Jan 15th. They will have over a month to learn 10 parishes and parish seats.

Dec. 9-13

We will be discussing events during the Civil War

Vocabulary Test- Thursday, Dec 12

Daily In class actvitites will be listed on the board and taken up for a grade at the end of the week.