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7th Grade Science

(*All notes will be copied in class and any handouts will be given in class as well; Notes will be posted on google classroom for absent students. Notes will be updated daily and will include all handouts, videos, and information from class)


Science Week of March 1-5:

Monday – Review of levels of organization; HW: study for test

Tuesday – Test on Levels of Organization of body systems

Wednesday – Begin discussion on cell division; amoeba sisters video and questions

Thursday – Discuss cell division: mitosis and meiosis; complete foldable and notes with it

Friday – Discuss cell division: mitosis and meiosis drawing the stages


Science Week of February 22-26:
Monday – Complete Amoeba sisters video on Body Systems questions and check them; Begin Reading activity on levels of organization in the body
Tuesday – Complete reading activity  and check answers; Discuss Phenomenon and Notice/Wonder Charts on Metabolic Reactions
Wednesday – Discuss metabolic reactions unit phenomenon and complete levels of organization discussion
Thursday – Digestive System Stations Lab
Friday – Digestive System Stations Lab