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Mrs. May’s Lesson Plans for Keyboarding

  (2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th)

5th Hour is Yearbook & 7th Hour is Planning Period!


  1. Lesson:
    1. Bell Ringer- Students need to
      1. Click on the Internet (Chrome)
      2. Sign in to Google Classroom – Select Keyboarding
      3. Instruct students to click on the top stream announcement to open up their lesson for the day, read the agenda and proceed to the Bell Ringer Typing Game (should be first link)
      4. Student can also go to Student Login Center to check on their grades if need to. ( allow about 5 - 6 minutes) Feel free to use the timer on my desk!
  2. Typing Lesson – instruct students to click on second link Typing Club
    1. When prompted click Get Started
    2. In the right hand corner click Login
    3. Sign in using their Google Account so it will save their work
    4. Click Start Typing Jungle (it may skip this step)
    5. Begin working on the last lesson that they left off on. If they have never worked in Typing Club they must start at Lesson 1.  (There are over 500 lessons, there is no way they will run out of work!)
  3. Before bell rings have students sign out of Google Classroom and make their work station neat.  If anyone gives you any kind of problem please leave me a note, and I will deduct points from their daily grade!
  • Students are allowed to use headphones to listen to music while they key their lessons. (listen to music only not watch videos)   Students use their computers to find music to listen to, NO  phones, I-pods, or MP3 players allowed!  Listening to music is a privilege, and if it becomes too disruptive for you, kindly take it away!!!
  • I do allow students to drink bottled water/twist off drinks as long as they keep it on the floor, and away from the computers. 
  • Yearbook Staff (5th Hour) will work on their yearbook pages, they are allowed to take pictures during lunchtime and with a classroom teachers permission.   Make sure they take their Yearbook Staff tags with them.
  • 1st and 3rd hour are VIP classes.  You are not responsible for teaching them.
  • In 8th hour have students turn off the monitors on all computers before leaving (even the computers no one sits at during that hour). 


Thank you, I hope you have a great day!


Wendi May